Bathroom and Restroom Etiquette

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Bathroom and Restroom Etiquette

Though rarely talked about, bathroom etiquette is just as important as table manners. Whether you are using a public restroom, an office or a friend’s restroom, it is important to have good manners especially if it’s a shared space. Public bathrooms are known to be messy – probably because bathroom etiquette is least addressed and even taught to kids in school. However, just because you found a restroom in a messy state doesn’t give you the leeway to make it even messier. Remember, the change you wish upon the world starts with you. Here are some bathroom etiquette rules you should try to remember the next time you use a restroom:

Check first

Before walking into a shared restroom it’s important for you to check if someone else is in the restroom. Don’t just push open a stall door. A knock or two to check if someone is inside is considered good bathroom etiquette. You can also check under the door for feet. However, don’t peep, knock endlessly or jiggle the doorknob countless times. Imagine the awkwardness if you push open the door and someone was minding their own business in the bathroom!

Close the door

I know it may seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised by just how many people don’t bother closing the door all the way when they use the restroom. Close the door and make sure it clicks and if you are in a public facility, make sure to lock it. If someone accidentally walks in on you, not only will you be embarrassed, the other person will be red-faced as well.

Don’t use your phone

Unless it’s your private bathroom, don’t use your phone in the restroom. I’m talking about taking calls, replying to text messages or scrolling through Facebook. Taking calls while you’re in a public restroom is not good etiquette because not only are you forcing the person in the next stall to listen in but imagine how grossed out the person on the other end of the line of he phone would be if they found out that you were in the restroom.

Don’t wet the toilet seat

Bathroom and Restroom Etiquette

Men are the biggest culprit of this – but so are women. If you are a woman, to make sure that you don’t wet the toilet seat, you should sit on it when peeing and when done, wipe it down using toilet paper for the next person. For the men, standing a little close to the toilet seat will avoid dripping. But if it does occur, make sure to wipe it down using toilet paper.

Flush the toilet

Even though this seems like the most obvious thing to do once you are done using the bathroom, a lot of people are guilty of not flushing the toilet. It’s good bathroom etiquette to stick around and check to see if everything has been whisked away once you have flushed the toilet. It’s outright rude and inconsiderate of you to leave something behind for the next person to deal with.

Don’t hog the mirrors

I know ladies, half of the time we visit the restroom is usually to pat some powder on out noses. However, if you’re using a public restroom, it’s good bathroom etiquette to take into consideration that there are others who wish to use the mirrors as well. If someone is waiting to wash her hands or use the mirror after you, don’t dilly-dally. Do what you need to do and then get out of the way as quickly as possible.

Wash your hands

Bathroom and Restroom Etiquette

The last thing you should do before getting out of the restroom should be to wash your hands. Not only is it a bathroom etiquette issue, but it is also a sanitary necessity. Washing is not enough – you should dry them as well instead of swinging your hands up and down while trying to dry them.


  • Lucy says:

    Mirror part should be in caps😂

  • Christine says:

    Wonderful!! Just a few more to add l think 🙈

    1. Please use the feminine bin or carry feminine bags to put in used tampons or pads to throw in a bin later.. Don’t leave used pads behind the toilet or on the floor. Also if changing pads wrap them in the wrapper of pad you are opening, if you open them nicely you can use the wrapper to put the used pad and dispose of it.

    2. USE the toilet brush,don’t leave streaks for the next person.

    3. Spray a bit of your perfume to “freshen up” place a bit before you leave the stall. Not too much to overpower the place just enough to cover any odour..

    4. Make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS after

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