3 Ways You Can Sneak Ankara into Your Everyday Outfits

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Ways You Can Sneak Ankara into Your Every Day Outfits

Are you a lover of all things Ankara and wish there was a way you’d wear it on any and every day without looking too overdressed or too traditional? Well, your dream is about to come true because, in this article, I will show you just how you can wear Ankara outfits to the office, for a night out, brunch with the girls and for every other casual occasion because, to be honest, there’s just no limit when it comes to Ankara. These tips will change your mind on how you view Ankara and make it one of the most versatile styles in your wardrobe! Don’t believe me? Read on to see for yourself:

With your Jeans

You know how you get invited for a traditional wedding and know how everyone’s going to show up dressed up in Ankara from head to toe? Well if you don’t want to appear all matchy-matchy or too cliché you can wear jeans then throw on an Ankara coat or over coverup and complete the outfit with some heels.

Office Ankara Outfits

Redefine office wear by wearing an Ankara skirt to work! Nothing comes close to an African print outfit and you will have necks turning (for all the right reasons) at your office with an Ankara outfit. All you have to do is get a nice Ankara skirt tailored just for you and you’re ready to crush that presentation on Monday! The key to acing this outfit is by pairing your Ankara skirt with a plain coloured top and nice heels.

With Denim shirt

Heading for brunch with your girls and wondering what you’ll wear for those Instagram pics that will eventually be taken? Stand out with an Ankara outfit! If you have an Ankara skirt that you’ve only won once and have been contemplating throwing it out of your wardrobe, take it out and pair it with a denim shirt! This outfit is so versatile that you can either dress it up with heels or down with a pair of white sneakers!

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