I Tried the New Always Organic Cotton Pads and Sis Was I Impressed!

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New Always Organic Cotton Pads

For many women out there, the three to five days when they have their period is probably the worst days of each month. From the annoying cramping to mood swings and the discomfort that comes with using uncomfortable sanitary products, women have it rough this time of the month. However, Always’ new product – the Organic Cotton Pads – are designed to make the time of the month for women a little bit easier. You might already be sceptical about this but so was I – until my girls and I tried this product.

It’s super thin

I hate the feeling of wearing a pad and feeling as if I’m wearing a whole diaper. But when you first open the Always Organic Cotton Pads pack, the first thing you notice is how thin the pad is. And on wearing it, because of how thin it is, you are assured that will not show through your pants or whatever you wear during your period. The pad is so thin, you can even wear leggings during your period and not worry about it showing!

It’s unscented

Back in the days when pads were scented, you would automatically know when a woman was on her period because of that distinct smell. The new Always Organic Cotton Pads come unscented and give women that privacy of not having to announce to the world that they are on their period. Additionally, the unscented pads ensure that women no longer have to experience irritation and rashes normally caused by scents on pads.

Made from 100% cotton

Unlike other pads comprised of manmade fibers, the top sheet of the New Always Cotton Organic Pads is made from 100% cotton. Because of this, when you wear this pad, your skin is able to breathe while keeping you dry. This softer material also reduces the risk for allergies and skin irritation that can result from the plastic content of standard pads.

Super absorbent core

One of the worst things you can ever experience on your period is your pad leaking! With the new Always Cotton Organic Pads, you don’t have to worry about leaks or stains on your clothes. The pads come with a liquid-locking gel pearl that helps to stop leaks and keep you feeling dry all through!

The New Always Cotton Organics Pads packet is retailing at only Ksh. 480 and comes with 9 pieces. Interested in buying the new pads? Visit any Carrefour or Naivas outlet!

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