Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing To Your Breasts

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Things You Shouldn't Be Doing To Your Breasts

Happy new month ladies! This being breast cancer awareness month, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned over the years concerning breasts and how to take care of them. I’m sure you’ve probably heard hundreds of advice concerning your breasts and how to keep them healthy and dare I say perky! But in the pursuit of healthy-looking and perky breasts, some women have put their breasts through the most. And while these methods may have worked for you, there are consequences that you will eventually have to face in the future. With that, here are 5 things you shouldn’t be doing to your breasts:

Duct Taping them

Doing To Your Breasts
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When Kim Kardashian revealed that she uses duct tape to lift her breasts and at the same time go braless, women all over the world went crazy with this DIY. But even though duct-taping breasts became a popular trend among women, doctors advise against doing it. The chemicals in duct tape can cause a nasty rash especially if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, you can end up developing an allergy to substances in these adhesives, and end up breaking out in eczema every time you use duct or masking tape in the future. Not to mention that you risk bruising your nipples which are the most sensitive part of your boobs.

Waxing nipples

There’s this new craze where women feel the need to completely hairless apart from their head — it’s quite alright. A bikini wax is quite alright, but waxing your nipples? Not so much. Waxing your nipples is not something you want to do to your nipples because not only is painful but you might be getting yourself up for ingrown hairs which then cause bumps and pimples on the nipples! Ew! Instead of waxing, tweezing the occasional stray is easy enough, but if you have a lot sprouting there, consider seeing a derm for laser hair removal, a more permanent fix.

Exercising in a normal bra

Working out with the normal bra can have devastating consequences on your breasts such as injury and sagging. The normal bra you wear is not designed to support your beasts during heavy physical movement and that’s why it’s recommended to invest in sports bras. Unlike the normal bra, a good sports bra protects the supportive tissues in breasts that avoid stretching and sagging. So, if you have been exercising in your normal bra or with no bra at all, I’d say that it’s probably about time you stopped doing that to your poor boobies!

Piercing your nipples

From Kendall Jenner to Rihanna rocking nipple piercings, more women are embracing this beauty trend. But even though it’s become such a popular thing, piercing your nipples is not a thing you’ll want to put your breasts through. Nipple piercings can increase the risk of your breasts developing an abscess—a painful, pus-filled infection ten times more. These piercings can also damage milk production ducts, which can be problematic if you try to breastfeed later.

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