Tips for Doing Interview Makeup

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When you finally get invited for an interview for that job you’ve been eyeing for a while, your nerves can run high. In fact, I recently received a DM from a lady on my Instagram telling me that she’s had countless interviews but each time, she received a regret response despite having been qualified beyond measure. Truth is, in any interview, you should convey your competence, neatness, and attention to detail — which all can be communicated through your makeup. More importantly, when you feel confident about your looks, you’ll be able to focus on (and triumph at!) presenting your qualifications.

Beyond the basic idea that your interview makeup shouldn’t be loud or distracting, what else works and what doesn’t? Can you wear red lipstick for an interview? What about a cat-eye? Are false eyelashes a good idea? Here are some tips to use for wearing makeup to a job interview, so you make the best impression:


Tips for Doing Interview Makeup | Fashionable Step Mum

A full-coverage foundation is probably the best invention to ever happen for women. However, in an interview, your goal is to enhance your natural features, not overshadow them with makeup. Full coverage foundation will look too heavy and possibly even make your face look caked. Instead, go for a lightweight foundation that will give you a more natural and neat look.

To wear or not wear lipstick

For your lips, you can either go the lip gloss or lipstick route. Regardless of what you choose, remember to keep the shade within a reasonable range of your natural lip colour.

Be careful with gloss, though. You don’t want it to look sticky, get smeared, or dry up and leave a nasty white residue. A thin, moisturizing lip gloss or even lip balm is a safe choice.


Just like with foundation, keep your eye makeup as close to natural as you can for an interview. Skip the false eyelashes and save them for a night out or for the company holiday party. Can you imagine if your false lashes come off during your meeting? Yikes!

Tips for Doing Interview Makeup | Fashionable Step Mum

That being said, don’t go crazy with the mascara and end up with clumpy lashes. You want to look professional and polished, not like you just got home from a hectic night at the club.

If you do choose to use eyeshadow, stay away from bright and glittery tones. These can be too dramatic and distracting to your interviewers. Instead, choose natural tones that are close to your skin tone to brighten up your eyes.

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