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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

While there are countless women out there who are struggling to lose weight, believe it or not, there are also some who wish to gain it. If you’re one of those women who are trying to gain weight, there’s hope for you. And even though you may have decided to start the weight gain journey it’s important to ensure that you remain healthy. You may have read countless numbers of articles and taken tons of advice from people around you but one thing you should always remember is that your health comes first. With that out of the way, here are healthy ways to gain weight:

Eat more calories than your body burns

The most sufficient way you can gain weight is to create a calorie surplus, meaning you eat more calories than your body needs. You actually don’t need to drastically change your diet. You can increase your calorie intake by adding foods such as avocados, milk, beans, sweet potatoes, whole grains, and nuts into your meal plans.

Eat a lot of proteins

The single most important nutrient for gaining healthy weight is protein. Muscle is made of protein and without it most of those extra calories may end up as body fat. Be sure to include high-protein foods such as meats, fish, eggs, many dairy products, legumes, nuts and others.

Don’t drink before meals

If you have a suppressed appetite, it might be advisable to avoid taking in any beverages before meals. This is because drinking before meals may give you a false feeling of feeling full much faster and reduce the amount of food you will eat. It may be better to sip on something high in calories while you eat or wait 30 minutes afterward to have a beverage.

Eat more often

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

If you find that you have a small appetite or that you get full quickly, you could try eating more often throughout the day. Eating five or six times a day instead of three big meals may help you gain weight. You can squeeze in an additional meal or snack whenever you can, such as before bed. This will increase your calories uptake and possibly help you gain weight.

Hit the gym

This might sound as a counterproductive way to gain weight, but trust me, it works. Certain types of exercise, especially strength training, can help you gain weight by building up your muscles and also stimulate your appetite.

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