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Things to Stop Wearing After Hitting 40

By September 28, 2020January 15th, 2021One Comment
Things to Stop Wearing After Hitting 40

Turning 40 for some women can sound like a death sentence. So when they finally turn 40, some women might feel the need to hold on to the little sense of feeling young. But in the pursuit of looking and feeling younger, these women might end up looking like they are trying too hard to stay young. If you are headed towards 40, it’s important to realize that as you age, getting dressed in the morning is no longer about impressing someone or fitting in. It’s about dressing for the internal as opposed to the external. With that, it’s imperative that you make some style changes and leave behind the trends that become fashion mistakes after 40. Here are 5 things you should stop wearing after hitting 40:

Ill-fitting underwear

When you were younger, you might have gotten away with wearing ill-fitting underwear but now that you’re 40, that might not be possible. At this age, your boobs might not be as perky as they once were and your body as toned as it was a few years back. You should stop wearing underwear such as thongs once you hit 40 because even though they might be trendy, they might not give you as much support as you might need. For a smoother look all over, you might want to invest in some great shapewear.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets, in my opinion, are the type of outerwear that just screams “rebellious youth.” That’s not the type of vibe you want to be giving after you’ve lived, experienced, and wised up.

Lip gloss

A bright red lip? Classy. A matte nude? Sophisticated. A sparkly pink, sticky mess? No, thanks. Lip gloss tends to move around the mouth and seep into those pesky lip lines, emphasizing their existence. So stop wearing lip gloss at all costs after 40. Instead of lip gloss, go for lipstick with liner that will make your lips appear fuller instead.

Long colourful nails

Your hands are one of the first tell-tale signs of aging, so what you definitely do not want to do is make them look older than they are, or in some cases, draw too much attention to them. If you are going to go for a trendy or funky color, wear your nails natural and short for a modern look that doesn’t read tacky. Avoid reds with blue undertones as these emphasize the look of veins.

Clothes covered in logos

The last thing a mature adult wants is to be grouped together with teens and young adults in their 20s in today’s social media-obsessed, look-at-me climate. But portraying yourself as a walking billboard for a brand will do just that. Look for emphasis on tailoring and special details that don’t scream ‘who’ you are wearing but ‘what’ you are wearing instead.

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