Things to Remember the Next Time You Go Mitumba Shopping

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Things to Remember the Next Time You Go Mitumba Shopping
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Planning to go mitumba shopping this weekend? Well, the number one thing you need to know is that mitumba shopping is not for everyone. Truth be told, you need to be a seasoned mitumba shopper to get the best deals and quality of items in the market. The mitumba shopping experience has become so popular now that even rich kids who would never admit to shopping in places like Toi market, Gikomba and Ngara have embraced it. If you’re fairly new in the game, here are a few things you need to remember the next time you go buying mitumba:

Decide whether you want to go the stalls or open air kibandas

In second hand markets such as Toi and Gikomba, there are ususally two sets of sellers: stalls and open sellers. In the stalls, they usually sell camera clothes which are usually the best quality. Clothes sold in these mitumba stalls are usually a bit expensive because sometimes they have been washed and ironed. Additionally, in the stalls, you usually have the luxury of trying out clothes to see if they fit or not.

As for the open sellers, the mitumba shopping experience is a bit different. With these sellers, all the clothes they sell in a pile are usually cheaper but the piles are usually so big you have to rummage through piles and piles of clothes. And because the piles are in the open, you don’t really have the luxury of trying them out.

Dress the part

Going mitumba shopping is no joke. In most cases, you will be on your feet for a really long time so wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in. Also, wear light clothes that you can fit other clothes on top of especially if you’re going shopping in open-air markets. For example, if you’re going shopping for mitumba jeans, make sure to wear leggings or a loose-fitting dress so that it’s easy to slip on the jeans when you’re trying them on. Remember to wear casually and avoid anything that says rich. Mitumba sellers can spot money from a mile away and you might end up paying too much for items you wish to buy.

Check clothes for tears and stains

In the frenzy of buying mitumba clothes, be sure to check them for any tears and stains. Check the armpits of blouses and tops for stains and the hem of jeans and trousers for tears. This is really important as it is sometimes heartbreaking to get home and find something you bought for quite a bit of money has a stain that cannot come out or has tears which are not easily fixed.

Have patience and a good bargaining attitude

Rummaging through piles of clothes to get the best quality will take a lot of your time and patience. Bargaining with the sellers will also require you to have patience and skill. You will be ripped off if you can’t bargain and even end up buying clothes two or three times the normal price. Just so you know, it also helps to have a sense of humour when dealing with the sellers. If you do not know how to bargain bring along somebody who does.

Set a budget

A budget is just as important when going mitumba shopping as it is for other types of shopping. Because the clothes are o cheap, you might end up buying so much and lose track of your spending. Don’t carry a lot of money when going shopping because you might not be able to resist the cute outfits you see while shopping.

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