Sun’s Out and So Are Kimonos! Here’s How to Style Them

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Here's How to Style Kimonos

After what seemed like the longest cold season, the sun is finally out and I’m all for it. And what better way to celebrate the sun coming out than wearing weather-appropriate clothes! On bright sunny weekends, I love to add a splash of colour to my outfit and Kimonos are just the thing to do so. Kimonos are the perfect accessory to throw on because I love the way they just flutter through the breeze oh-so-perfectly giving any outfit glamour. This piece of accessory is so easy to style that you can pair it with just about anything. Here are 5 fun and easy ways you can style your kimonos like a true fashionista:

With a bodycon dress

Pairing your kimono with a bodycon dress is probably the easiest way to nail the kimono style. If your kimono has a lot of pattern and prints on it, you’re safer wearing it over a plain dress to avoid looking like a fashion disaster. I would also recommend choosing a kimono that has hints of the colour of the dress you will be pairing it with.

Over booty shorts

If you’re not used to wearing shorts, then a kimono worn over a booty shorts outfit will give you all the cover-up you need. This kimono style can be worn to the beach, a music concert, an evening party and if you’re daring, to brunch with your friends! You can dress up this outfit with heels or dress it down with sneakers or sandals.

Paired with jeans

I’m all about this casual-cool look, topped with an extra-long kimono. Whether it’s ripped jeans or just plain ones, kimonos have a way of making jeans styles look fabulous and glamourous.

The kimono paired with a crop top and jeans is a look to rock on a night out, but also one that’s totally appropriate for brunch on the weekend.

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