The Best Paint Colours for Every Room in Your House

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The Best Paint Colours for Every Room in Your House

Choosing paint colours for your house sound easy, right? I mean, what is so hard about choosing a colour for the walls in your house? Well as easy as it might sound, psychologists say that the colour of your house, your office or any place you spend your time can affect your mood and even productivity. To be fair, though, the best paint colour for your house is ultimately whichever one you like and feels right in the room. But here are some tips to help guide you towards the right shade to use in each room of your home:

Living room

The living room area in any house is usually a place where the family, in general, gets to relax together as a family or individually. Therefore when choosing paint colours for this part of the house, keep in mind that the colours should encourage the feeling of relaxation and peace.

Colours such as maroon, dove grey, teal are the best to inspire relaxation and comfort in your living room. Avoid bright reds and yellows because these colours are so stimulating that they could keep you from relaxing.


Like a ray of sunshine, yellow can instantly brighten up a room and is also believed to make people feel hungry. A good option for small spaces, yellow can make rooms feel bigger and brighter, and it pairs well with white and grey accents Other warm colours that can help stimulate the appetite and are perfect in your kitchen include orange and red. Not a morning person? Eat your breakfast in the kitchen and increase your enthusiasm and motivation for the day.

Paint Colours for house

If you prefer something subtler, then you can consider white, cream, or pale blue.

Dining room

Much like the kitchen, the colours you choose for your dining room should increase the appetite. Warm colours such as yellow, wine red, subdued oranges and turquoise blue are all perfect for this room.

Avoid paint colours such as deep grey and dark browns because they are associated with muck and grime, so they’re best suited outdoors.


Studies have shown that blue is the best paint colour you can have in any bedroom, be it girls or boys bedrooms. Blue walls provide a sense of serenity and protective feelings which make it ideal for any sleeping room. You can also mix bold shades of blue with lighter tones to balance the look, such as midnight blue with sky blue.

If blue bores you, try a modern, icy grey-green is also a perfect paint colour for sleeping rooms as an interesting take on neutrals.


Soft paint colours are the best bet for bathrooms in your house. Not only do they relax you, but they also flatter your skin tone. You can never go wrong with ivory, buttery tan, or gentle rose in your bathroom. And if your bathroom is short on natural light, certain shades of yellow and pink mimic sunlight and instantly brighten up your bathroom.

Paint Colours for house

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