How To Look Expensive On a Budget

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How To Look Expensive On a Budget

Looking expensive doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you don’t have to be rich to look expensive. It only requires you to incorporate a few changes into your wardrobe and you’re all set. For me, dressing to look more expensive is less about trying to impress other people and more about feeling confident, well put together, and polished every day. So if you’re looking to transform your wardrobe and look like a million bucks, here are some tips you will want to remember the next time you’re dressing up.

Wear black/white

Black and white are classic colours that never go out of style. When paired together, these two colours have a way of making anyone look expensive. Wearing all white or all black is also allowed and also the fastest way to look expensive without having to break your bank.

Wear fitted clothes

You can have some of the most expensive clothes on the market, but if they don’t look like they fit you well, you will not look expensive.

Getting clothes to fit you just right isn’t always all that easy. You want to make sure your clothes are not too big and/or loose, but not too small and/or tight. The goal of fitting your clothes properly is to both show off your aesthetic strengths and conceal your aesthetic weaknesses.

Wear pointed shoes

Women who wear flats or heels that are pointed have a look that screams expensive!  Black or nude are popular colors that go with everything.  They are considered wardrobe essentials because they have a way of elongating your legs. Round toes are old fashioned and make your legs look short and a bit weighty.

Carry a structured hand bag

Also known as top-handle satchels, these bags have been worn by celebrities for decades and nothing screams expensive more than what a celebrity chooses to wear or carry. Bulky bags and backpacks are not recommended because they throw off your expensive look and make you look more casual.

Wear statement jewellery

Once in a while, you can wear a statement jewellery with your outfit for a sophisticated look. Fancy jewellery adds a polished look to any outfit. When your outfit is basic, like black pants and a white top, add a statement necklace, earrings, or bracelet and your outfit instantly looks expensive.

Coordinate your shoes and bag

A key to making your outfits look polished is coordinating your shoes and bag. If you wear black shoes then carry a black bag. Brown shoes look great with a brown bag in the same color tone. You can venture out a bit by wearing black shoes with a nude or a solid color bag, like pink. Leopard flats or heels look great with a black or nude bag.

Beauty matters

To truly look expensive, make sure your hair is clean, tidy, and has a nice hairstyle. Your skin should be in good condition too. If you do wear makeup, make sure that it looks natural and finish off with a nice lip colour. As for your nails, make sure they are kept trimmed and/or painted.

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  • Faith says:

    An all black outfit, nice lippie and sunglasses takes me from 0 to 100 very fast.
    I’m not into statement jewelry but perhaps I can start with a good necklace.

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