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Women, including myself, tend to have a love-hate relationship with bras. This is because while these seemingly little pieces of clothing give us the extra support for our boobies, they’re also really tiring to wear. We all know that feeling of getting home and finally letting our boobies breathe. I mean, if it were up to us, some of us would go braless all day, every day.

Before you start saying how wearing bras prevent your breasts from sagging, research has actually shown that wearing a bra can cause sagging. So if it’s sagging you’re concerned about, you’ll actually want to start going braless. With that said, here are 6 sneaky ways you can go braless without anyone noticing:

Wear layers

The easiest way to go braless and not draw any attention to yourself is to wear layers. This is a foolproof and tested way of making sure that no one will be able to tell the difference between you wearing a bra and you not wearing a bra. You can really layer with anything, but jackets, big scarves, and undershirts are easy ways to do this.

During hot seasons, layering can be extremely hard but you can always wear a sleeveless top under your blouse or dress.

Take advantage of cupped tops and dresses

Going braless means that you will be extra keen the next time you go shopping for outfits. Cupped tops and dresses will be your new favourite because not only do they give our breasts a little bit of support, but they also have extra padding so your nipples aren’t exposed.

Rock tops and dresses with slips or built-in linings

Tops and dresses with extra linings on the inside are heaven-sent for girls who hate wearing bras. The built-in linings and slips that come with clothes offer extra coverage for your boobs ad especially the nipples, when you decide to go braless.

Wear camisoles

This might sound old-fashioned but wearing camisoles might be the price you have to pay for not wearing a bra. However, lucky for you, camisoles have evolved with the world of fashion and they are much more stylish than before.

Wear sweater tops

Because sweaters, at least those of decent quality, are made of thick material, you can’t really see anything that’s underneath them, including boobs! Try just wearing a sweater top with thick material like wool in cooler seasons without a bra and I guarantee you that no one will notice.

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  • Chemu says:

    I personally don’t wear bras and I’m not ashamed of letting the nipples pop out. My comfort comes first and people’s opinion is none of my business. It’s so freeing being able to breathe freely without a thing cuffed around my chest😊

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