Ways to Style Biker Shorts

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Ways to Style Biker Shorts
Kim Kardashian rocking biker shorts

Biker shorts are what’s trending in the world of fashion, especially now that the sun is here. And while I would never, for the life of me, wear these little shorts, I have some fashion tips and advice to share on how to rock them elegantly and stylishly. Though the trend has its root with Princess Diana, it was not until now that we saw the bike shorts being flaunted by the celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. Whether you approve of it or not yet, the biker shorts trend is slowly getting more and more popular. Here are some ways you can gracefully wear these shorts:

With an oversize tee/ sweater

Pairing an oversize sweater or tee with biker shorts is as easy as drinking water. This look is more casual wear for when you’re going to run errands, hanging out with friends or doing an outdoor activity such as hiking.

The oversize sweater provides more cover if you feel too exposed when wearing the biker shorts outdoors. Pair this look with some sneakers and you’re all set!

With a blazer

You can make your biker shorts more tailored with the addition of a structured blazer. This is a look you can rock to an outdoor event or lunch with your friends.

This outfit can be paired with some white heels, rubber shoes, ankle boots or sandals, depending on the occasion you are dressing for.

Edgy look

Feeling bad-ass? Leather is the answer. Faux leather biker shorts are edgy and fun but still breathable, making them a good option for that a night out or a music concert.

To really hone in on this theme, throw a biker jacket over a cropped tee and complete this rockstar look with a classic pair of Vans in which you’ll dance the night away in.

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