How to Make Your Perfume Fragrance Last All Day

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How to Make Your Perfume Fragrance Last All Day

We all want to smell great. I for one love smelling really nice because I believe that one’s scent speaks a lot about them. It is for this reason that most of us, including myself, invest a good chunk of money into perfumes and fragrances. But even with the best of the best, have you wondered why the scent of your perfume only lasts for like two hours max before it starts to fade away? This is likely because you’re not applying your perfume the right way. Most people don’t actually know that there are ways you can apply perfume and make it last all day. Don’t stress though, because I’ve compiled a list of easy fragrance hacks to help you figure out how to apply perfume and make it last all day so you smell really, really good 24/7.

Apply right after your shower

Right after you get out of the shower and have dried off is the best time to spray your perfume onto your body. The moisture on your skin from the water will help lock in the scent of the perfume and have you smelling good all day. This will also prevent the fragrance from staining super delicate clothes (like your favourite silk blouse) or jewellery.

Moisturize before application

Moisturizer is as important for perfume application as is a primer for good makeup application. After showering and drying off, an unscented lotion on the body will provide a good hold for your perfume.

Spray or dab onto bare skin

Instead of spraying your perfume into your clothes, spray it directly to the bare skin. The scent is more likely to last longer when it meshes with the natural oils of your body.

Apply to your pulse points

Fragrance reacts to heat. Therefore, applying your perfumes and fragrances to your pulse points can help release scent throughout the day. You can try spritzing the nape of your neck, insides of your elbows, wrists, the back of your ears and even the back of your knees.

Don’t rub your perfume into the skin

Rubbing your wrists after spraying on your perfume is the quickest way to kill your scent. By rubbing the perfume, the molecular structure of the perfume is broken down and this forces the scent to disappear faster than intended.

Use matching scented lotion and other products

Another way to make your perfumes last all day is to buy the lotions, body washes, and other products that are sold alongside it. Clean, Calvin Klein, Versace, and other popular brands offer matching products to compliment their fragrances.

How you store it

How you store your perfume is also a factor on whether it stays all day or not. Fragrance can break down in fluctuating temperatures or humidity. Instead of storing your scents in the bathroom, keep it in a cool drawer away from direct sunlight. Additionally, always keep your perfumes in their original bottles. Transferring your perfumes into other fancy bottles only allows air to saturate your fragrance, which can also alter their chemical makeup.

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