Diet Plan and Fitness Tips for Women with Inverted Triangle Body Types

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Diet Plan and Fitness Tips for Women with Inverted Triangle Body Types

Women with an inverted triangle body shape tend to have a less proportional shape. These women have broader shoulders and large cup sizes as compared to their hips and waist and are easily identified as Johnny Bravos. Because of their un-proportional shape, the one thing that inverted triangles should have in mind when choosing diet plans and fitness tips is to try and balance their silhouettes.

Why Inverted Triangles gain weight on their upper body

It all comes down to hormones. In this case, inverted triangles tend to have low estrogen, the hormones that are responsible for curvy silhouettes in other body types such as the pear and hourglass body shape.

Foods that will work wonders for this body shape

Lucky for this body type, there are foods that encourage the body to produce more estrogen and these are the foods that they should incorporate into their diet.

  • High-end protein diets: Fish, white meat, beans, legumes are all protein-rich and a perfect solution to keep your body in shape. Have foods that low in fats and oils, rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates or starch.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Whether you need a quick breakfast or need to satisfy your snack urges- go for fresh stuff. Diced apples, macadamia nuts, cucumbers, avocados, lettuce, peppers and celery sticks are great for you.
  • Dairy Products: Have low-fat cheese, curd, butter, and milk. Just do not add any sweeteners except for brown sugar or honey and enjoy dairy. If you are allergic to dairy, go for almond milk or coconut milk or soya milk if you like the taste.

Foods to stay away from

  • Undercooked meats: Rare red meats, salmon are not to be eaten. Opt for chicken breasts rather than thighs and wings.
  • Starch: White bread, potatoes and other starch-rich foods like bananas should be reduced to a minimal level. Have once a day, preferably at noon and definitely not at night.
  • Full Fat: Quit having full-fat milk and processed sugar as they tend to hoard up onto your upper body quite fast

Fitness tips for the inverted triangle body shapes

It’s important to realize that diet is not the only thing that will work in transforming inverted triangle shapes. Diet goes hand in hand with working out at the gym or even at home.

When working out, inverted triangles should focus on their lower bodies. They should, therefore, incorporate lower body workouts including squatting, lunging and dead-lifts. These exercises are great for achieving increased muscle mass and tone the legs and glutes.

For a more defined waist, inverted triangles should indulge in twisting type exercises that will improve shape and tone around the midsection.

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