Foods Apple Shaped Women Should Avoid to Stay Healthy

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Foods Apple Shaped Women Should Avoid to Stay Healthy

So you’ve got some extra weight through your belly area and you want to know how to lose it? That sounds about right. Of all the body types, half fall into the apple shape body type group. It’s very common. And fortunately for you, this is the body type that sees the results fastest!

Your body type probably stores unnecessary fat through the belly area. Your legs, hips, arms and back are probably lean. If this doesn’t sound like you, the read more about your body type to follow the correct meal plan.

Despite your leaner legs, it seems like every bit of extra fat gets stored right through your belly. For you to lose weight, you need to focus on your diet – plain and simple.

When I say “diet”, I don’t mean counting calories or worrying about how much you weigh. If you eat the right foods, and follow this apple shape meal plan, weight will naturally come off.

It’s not magic. It’s hormones. You’ve got a couple pretty unruly hormones that are sending signals to your body to store more fat right through your belly area.

Unfortunately, belly fat is the most dangerous type.

Why You Gain Weight In Your Belly

If you think you gain weight in your belly because of your diet – you’re right…sort of. The thing is, people who tend to gain weight in their midsection are more sensitive to specific hormones that tell our body, “Hey! Put that fat right here.”

I’ll get to those hormones in just a second, but before I do, it’s important to understand that food is constantly communicating with those hormones, saying things like “store fat”, “lose fat”, and “I’m full”.

Clearly, I’m simplifying things a lot. But if we can adjust our diet to get hormones communicating in a way that balances everything out, keeps us energized and boosts our fat metabolism, the all of our waistlines would be a whole lot healthier.

And now to the hormones.

The big two for people who store belly fat are insulin and cortisol. Hunger hormones called leptin and ghrelin also play a role but let’s focus on insulin and cortisol right now.

When you eat foods that throw off either of these hormones, belly fat is not far behind. Think of these two chemical messengers as your “fat storage” hormones.

Foods an Apple Shape Body Type Should Avoid

Sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeinated beverages and foods that are too low in fat – can trigger these hormones to store fat.

Fortunately, you can do something about fat storage through your midsection – and with a few dietary changes – it’s not that hard. Of all body types, people who gain weight their their midsection run the risk of storing the most visceral fat. Visceral fat is the more dangerous form of body fat as it tends to get packed through the middle of the body, around our vital organs. Needless to say, it’s important to do something about all that unwanted belly fat!

Foods to Avoid

Apples need to avoid the following foods:

  • Coffee, black tea, colas: it makes no difference if they’re unsweetened or not. Avoid them.
  • Refined, high-sugar carbohydrates. Keep in mind, this applies to many foods labelled as low fat/low sugar.
  • Fruit and fruit juices: A little bit of fresh fruit is ok, but this type should not eat fruit throughout the day.
  • Chocolate: It’s ok to have a square of dark chocolate a day, but not much more for your type
  • A word about caffeine. I know this is absolutely the worst thing in the world for most of you. It might even make you mad. I get it. But caffeine can cause belly fat. Until you have it under control, eliminate it or cut back significantly.

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