Best Places to Buy Original Makeup in Nairobi

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Best Places to Buy Legit Makeup in Nairobi

As a lover of all things beauty, I know just how expensive buying makeup can be. From high-end eye shadow palettes to the latest in hair care, keeping up with beauty trends isn’t always cheap. It’s even harder when you have to constantly be keen when buying makeup because of the many knock-offs around. With so many makeup shops in Nairobi, it can get pretty overwhelming when choosing a reliable shop with original makeup. Not to worry though, I have done my research and here are the best places to buy original makeup, both expensive and pocket friendly, in Nairobi.


If you’re looking to buy any pocket-friendly and original makeup brands you can think of, then H-Beauty in Nairobi is the place to shop. Located in Bihi Towers along Moi Avenue on the third floor, this shop offers quite a variety of products to choose from. From Revlon, Maybelline and L’oreal, H-Beauty stocks all these products in their original form and at affordable prices. When shopping for makeup products at this shop you are guaranteed of getting exactly what you need because get to test the different products they have for free!


This makeup store has been around for quite some time and was actually the first to bring high-end designer brand cosmetics into the Kenyan market. This store stocks labels like Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Black Up, Revlon, Nimue, The Body Shop, Black Opal and Iman among others.

Their price range is across the board depending on the brand you are interested in and they have outlets all over from The junction Mall to the CBD at Hilton Hotel and Mama Ngina Street. They too allow you to test the different products they have in stock so that you get the right fit for your skin for free! What’s more, they have consultation services available as well as makeup artists to help with makeovers on request.

Chandarana Foodplus

Chandarana Foodplus is another place in Nairobi where you can buy original makeup products. It is listed as one of Revlon Beauty’s retailers so you can be assured of getting legit products and at standard prices.

Chandarana stores can be found in Westlands ABC Place, Kilimani and Lavington Mall.

Bandari Beauty

It’s raining in Nairobi and you want to go buy your favourite makeup products? No problem! Just turn on your phone, head over to Instagram and find Bandari Beauty. You will have all kinds of beauty products to buy: from makeup to skincare products. Not only do you get legit products from Bandari Beauty, but you get doorstep delivery of your products at a small fee of only Ksh. 300!

Plum Beauty

Located in Sawa Mall along Moi Avenue, Shop G-29, this is another place you can be guaranteed of finding original makeup products in Nairobi. Not only are they on Instagram, but they also have a website where you can see all the products they stock and with their prices indicated. Check out their website here. And because they have a physical shop, you are guaranteed of finding the products that fit your skin since you can always try on their products for free!


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