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Must-Have Boots For Rainy Days

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Rainy days can be a bummer! They can be even more disastrous if you don’t have the appropriate clothes and shoes for the weather. However, the rain doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your style. When it rains, your whole wardrobe has to undergo a transformation. But even though that’s the case, all you need is practical clothing that will keep you warm, dry and most importantly stylish. Boots, in my opinion, are the ultimate lifesaver for when the weather and our Kenyan roads turn ugly. Here are some of the must-have and stylish boots you need for rainy days.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a must have for rainy days because not only do they give your legs cover from the rain, but they are also stylish. What’s more, most ankle boots are versatile enough to be worn even when it’s not raining.

Ankle boots come in a variety of styles but in the case of rainy weather, I recommend leather or faux leather ones because with these you are guaranteed of dry legs.

If you’re a lover of heels, then chunky heeled boots will come in handy in taking your outfit to the next level. Additionally, chunky heels will give you some stability for when the roads are too slippery from all the rain and mud.

Timberland boots

Timberlands are not only limited to men because now women can also wear them. Because these boots have been proven to be waterproof, they are perfect for the rainy season.

These boots are must-haves for rainy days because not only does it ensure that you’re warm and dry, but it offers comfort and security for when you decide to walk on murky roads. This pair of boots is, however, limited to only casual wear so you can’t really wear them to the office or other important events.

Thigh high boots

With temperatures so low during rainy seasons, thigh-high boots are a must-have for every woman. Whether they’re leather or suede, flat-soled or with block heels, thigh-high boots are surprisingly wearable and warm.

I say this because these boots can be worn with practically anything and still look amazing. From, dresses, skirts and jeans, thigh-high boots complement just about anything and still assure you of warmth and security.

Sock boots

Sock boots are the trend you need in your life for rainy days! Not only are they easy to wear, but they’ll make any outfit look really great.

Whether you’re into full-on glam, casual or channelling that girl boss vibe, sock boots will make sure you’re slaying in any outfit. What’s even better is that you will wear this boot all year round whether it rains or it’s sunny.

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