Achieve Lips and Eyes for Days With Apome Beauty

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Achieve Lips and Eyes for Days With Apome Beauty

The right foundation for your skin is the first step to having perfect looking makeup. And even though your lips and eyes come as an afterthought, what you do to them determines your final look. For most makeup brands out there, they don’t really do justice to lips and eyes for us dark-skinned women. Apome Beauty, a Kenyan makeup brand has ensured that dark-skinned women not only have a variety of lip and eye products to choose from but also ones that complement our dark skin.

Apome Beauty Lips

Apome Beauty has a collection of 10 lip products that you can choose from. From lip gloss, liquid lipstick and normal lipstick, this brand will not disappoint.

Lip gloss

For lovers of lip gloss, Apome Beauty has 4 products to choose from, all of which come with lip liners. The lip glosses come in the shades Boss Babe, Hot Mama, Queen and Free spirit all retailing at Ksh. 1,000 now that there there’s a sale, down from Ksh. 1,200.


For the lipstick fanatics, this brand has 6 lipsticks to choose from both liquid and sticks.

If you prefer matte lipstick that stays all day and doesn’t stain, the liquid matte lipsticks are what you need. At only Ksh. 1,275, you can the Apome Beauty liquid matte lipsticks in the shades Desire, Sexy and Splendor.

The stick lipsticks are also matte and come in 3 shades: Bold, Fabulous and Focused. All these cost Ksh. 1,530 now that they are on sale, down from Ksh. 1,800


For now, Apome Beauty only has an eye shadow palette with 12 colours on it to help you achieve any look you might want. The palette comes in both metallic and matte textures at the price of only Ksh. 2,000 down from the normal price of Ksh. 2,300.

To see how the lip glosses and lipsticks look on me, watch the video here on my YouTube channel.

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