How To Wear Palazzo Pants

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The once-popular fashion item in the 60s and 70s is back. Yes, palazzo pants are back like they never left before! Everywhere you look: from weddings, the beach, on the streets, and even in offices, women are embracing the look. These pants are stylish, comfortable, and above all versatile. However, even in the craze, you must be wondering how to style or wear palazzo pants without looking like a hot mess. Not worry, though, follow these simple style tips and you will be turning heads on the streets!

At the office

Yes, believe it or not, you can rock these pants to the office. How you may ask? Well, the trick is to choose palazzo pants in plain office colours such as black, grey, brown and white. The trick is to balance out the baggy lower bottom of the body with a well-fitting top of the body.

Say, for example, a pair of plain black palazzo pants can be paired with a tucked in flowing tunic-style top and a pair of pumps and still be office appropriate.

Because palazzo pants are very flowy and baggy, high waisted ones really work well to cinch the waist and give your outfit a little bit of structure.

At the beach

Palazzo pants make very awesome cover-ups especially for a fun day at the beach. Instead of wearing jeans or a skirt over your swimsuit, palazzo pants should be what you reach for instead.

Pair a light pair of palazzos with a bikini top or plunging scoop neck vest and a pair of slip-ons and you’re all set for the beach!

Palazzo pants are extremely flowy and for this reason, they can be worn for a nice afternoon or evening walk on the beach without it getting too hot and uncomfortable.

Street wear

The superb comfort of palazzo pants makes them a natural choice for the casual look.

You can dress palazzo pants with either a crop top, bralette, classic tee, or spaghetti top and still nail the classic street style. The trick is to be able to balance the top and bottom of your outfit by following the loose-tight combination fashion rule.

Will Palazzo Pants Suit My Figure?

The trick to truly nailing palazzo outfits is to know your body shape so that you can choose those that work best with your body.

Pear Shape

For this body type, the best feature is the tiny waist. Therefore, when picking out palazzo pants for this body type, aim for those that are fitted at the waist and loose at the thighs.

Apple Shape

Palazzo pants can actually make apple body shapes appear thinner, longer and structured. The biggest problem area for this body shape is that it doesn’t have a well-defined waist. So, to create the illusion of a waist, wear a belt or use palazzo pants with a drawstring waist.

Aim for dark, solid colours or subtle prints such as gingham, small polka dots and horizontal lines that will help you look taller.

Rectangle Shape

Palazzo pants can be flattering on rectangle-shaped women. These loose pants can, in fact, make these body shapes appear curvier than they actually are. Wear a crop top or fitted top to embrace your slim upper body since your lower half is going to appear curvier with the loose palazzo pants.

Hourglass Shape

Woman with an hour-glass figure can rock palazzo pants with no problem. Aim for ones with a drawstring to enhance your slim waist. Also, you want to aim for body-hugging fabrics for your top to enhance your killer curves.

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