Want to Dress Like a Boss lady? Add These 5 Power Accessories to Your Closet

By September 8, 2020January 15th, 20216 Comments

Are you at a point in life when you need to start dressing your age? Or you are starting a new job that needs a more polished appearance of yourself? Whatever your personal reason for wanting to dress like a boss lady, you don’t need to turn your entire closet upside down for it!

Power dressing isn’t always about wearing the latest trends or looking like a boujee fashion blogger. Sometimes the smallest accessories can make the biggest difference. Here are 5 things you can add to your everyday wardrobe to make an impression:


To truly dress like a boss lady, a blazer is a must-have in your closet. Blazers are perfect for the workweek, but can also be worn on the weekends.

Next time you want to wear distressed denim and a basic T-shirt add a blazer and heels to instantly amp up your look. This casual, yet sophisticated look is perfect for post-office happy hour!

A classic timepiece

You really don’t need to overload yourself with hefty pieces of jewellery if you have one accessory that gives you the same weight as that of 10 pieces combined–watches!

Wearing a watch is a great way to accessorize an outfit and express your boss lady style. Whether you have a wood watch or a watch made of diamonds, you can garner a ton of attention with this simple add-on. Watches come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so you’ll certainly be able to find one to match every mood and outfit.

A classy handbag

When you want to dress like a boss lady, you will have to say goodbye to backpacks and sling bags that gave you company throughout your student life. It’s time for an upgrade!

A stylish, solid formed handbag in a basic colour like beige, black, or tan can be a versatile addition to your collection. If you opt for tote-ish size, you can carry it to work and also anywhere else you want!

Stoles and scarves

Yes, these are supposed to be ‘mom’ accessories you wouldn’t even consider buying a few years ago. But guess what? You’ve reached that stage of maturity where you should be able to pull off a scarf around your neck or tied to the handle of your handbag.


Belts are a must-have in every boss lady’s wardrobe because they can be worn with either pants or with dresses. Belts have the ability to transform any plain outfit into a power outfit!

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