The Mom Jeans Fashion Trend

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mom jeans fashion style

Curious about the mom jeans fashion trend? Well, that makes two of us. Mom jeans are basically straight-legged, high-waisted pants that were almost casualties of reductive stereotypes about motherhood. But now, they’re back bigger and better. From fashion models to celebrities rocking mom jeans, this style has proven the one thing we’ve always known about fashion. That it evolves fast and things that are considered uncool can be the next hit the following day.

How to style Mom jeans

Mom jeans typically come in the classic blue colour with no rips or tears in the fabric, but they have also evolved with time. They now come in a variety of colours such as wash blue and black. Because of their straight leg, these jeans often make you look taller, and are a great alternative to the more relaxed boyfriend jeans.


Mom jeans can be paired with basically any top that you would wear with normal jeans, particularly the skinny ones. But to truly hack this style, pulling off mom jeans requires you to either show or hide your waist.

You can do this by either pairing them with cropped tops or a tucked-in top, or a long tunic, oxford, or oversized sweater.


For mom jeans that end at the ankles, the best shoes to pair them with are ankle boots. When you want to avoid that awkward space between your shoes and your jeans, ankle boots are best for this.

Alternatively, when you want to show off your ankles, a pair of nice heels, sneakers and loafers go really well when paired with mom jeans.


A good belt has the power to make an outfit look expensive, put together and more stylish. And since mom jeans are high waisted, a nice slim or chunky belt has the ability to cinch your waist even more and some curves on you silhoutte.

mom jeans fashion style

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