How to Focus on Yourself If Life Feels Messy

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How to Focus on Yourself If Life Feels Messy

We’ve all had instances in our lives where everything seemed out of control and we felt helpless. And chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re at a point in life where everything feels messy. It could be that your finances aren’t in order, or your relationships aren’t working out or things, in general, aren’t taking the route you had envisioned. I get it. Life has a way of surprising us. And in Mark Manson’s words, “Everything is f*cked”.

But, even though you might feel as if you’re alone on this journey, I’m here to tell you that how you feel right now is normal and that you will get through it. Regardless of the situation, I realized that focusing on yourself can really help you put your life back in order.

So, now that we are feeling a little bit better, how exactly does one focus on themselves especially when life seems a bit too messy? Here, are some tips for focusing on yourself in a way that will actually lead to positive changes. Yay!

Reflect on what you really want

The first step to actually focusing on yourself when life feels messy is to take time and think about what you really want. Think about your relationships, career, and general health, and think about whether there’s anything you want to improve in one of those areas.

Focus on basic needs

When you’ve taken time to reflect on what you might need and still can’t figure things out, I say focus on the basics. When your life feels messy, it’s probably because you haven’t been taking care of yourself.

You can start by making sure that you’re getting enough sleep, eating a good variety of foods (including the ones that you love), spending some time outside, and exercising a little bit every day. It sounds simple, but you might be surprised what a difference it makes.

Take small steps

Now that you have an idea of what you want to change, begin taking small steps. For example, if a relationship isn’t working out and serving your needs, you can begin by taking a break to think things over. And if your isn’t as satisfying as you expected it to be, you can start by applying for new jobs.

Remember to take pace yourself or else you’ll end up overwhelmed and make life even messier than it already is.

Try journaling

This might sound cliche or something straight out of a movie, but writing down your feelings actually helps. Journaling can make it easier to organize your thoughts and really get to the root of your confusion in life. Going back to read your thoughts and feelings can really give you some perspective into why your life feels messy. What’s more, it’s some me time that’ll be way more productive than bingeing Netflix!

Find a new hobby

Spending time doing an enjoyable activity that is not attached to work or other commitments will help increase your happiness and satisfaction with life. It will allow you to spend time doing something that is only for your own personal benefit, and not the benefit of others.

Consider taking a break from social media

The thing with social media is that it gives a false sense of being left behind. Whether it’s someone uploading photos from his or her graduation or tweeting about an awesome new car, social media implicitly causes us to compare ourselves to others. And in the long run you might feel like your life is a mess and not going anywhere.

Detox from social media can help you focus on yourself and do things at your own pace instead of feeling like you have to compete with your friends.


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