Glam Up Your Little Black Dress

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How to Glam Up your Little Black Dress | Fashionable Step Mum

By now you already know that the little black dress is a must-have for every fashionista woman out there. From being able to wear it to work, to a hot date after work, the versatility of this piece of fashion clothing speaks for itself. Even with its versatility, the little black dress can sometimes look boring and plain when worn in the same way over and over again. But a little glam up on your little black dress can make it seem like a whole new outfit every time you wear it.

Belt it up

Adding a belt on your little black dress is the easiest way to glam up your outfit. Go for a contrasting and bold colour from your dress like brown, gold, red or blue and try to match it with either your shoes or handbag.

Throw a blazer, denim, or leather jacket on

To completely transform the black dress, layer it with either a blazer, denim or leather jacket for days when it’s a bit cool. Unless you’re going for a monochromatic look, it’s best to pair wear jackets of different colours from the black dress.

Thigh high boots

When your little black dress is well above the knee, the easiest way to cover up your legs is to wear thigh-high boots. This outfit is great for a night out or when it’s cold. All you need to do to complete this look is throw on a long coat or trench coat and you’re all set!

Wear sneakers

For a casual street look, I recommend you glam up your little black dress by choosing to pair it with sneakers. Rihanna has mastered this look by pairing both shot and long black dresses with sneakers. In both looks though, she chooses to bold accessories such as the belt bag and a long denim coat.

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