Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Brands for Beginners

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Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Brands for Beginners

Many women who want to start putting on makeup shy away from it because they think makeup costs an arm and a leg. While there is indeed makeup that is extremely expensive, there are many other brands that are very budget-friendly. And what’s better is that even though these brands are budget-friendly, you will still achieve the same results if not better, than those high-end ones!


From foundation, concealer, lipsticks, powders and mascara, no makeup product from Maybelline goes over 2,000 shillings!

Maybelline’s foundation is amazing for women with oily and combination skin because it is matte and has no oils. So when used on oily skin, you can rest assured that it stays the whole day. Foundation, lipsticks and powders all go for 1,050 shillings. Their concealers go for about 900 shillings while mascara goes for 1,500 shillings.

L.A. Girl

Everyone’s favourite concealer comes from this collection that doesn’t get nearly enough hype. In fact, L.A. Girl has so many more products you can choose from, all at affordable prices. Their concealers go for about 500 shillings while the foundations are 1,100 shillings.

If you are going for a dewy look on your face, L.A. Girl’s products are perfect for you because they are not matte and are oily. These product are perfect for women with dry skin and are looking for budget friendly makeup.


Not only is the Revlon foundation perfect for those with oily skin because it is matte, but it is also budget-friendly. This foundation goes for only 1,800 shillings. Their compressed powders also go for the same price.

Revlon has a wide collection for women of colour and that’s a plus for me. Their lipsticks range between 1,500 and 1,800 shillings.


Last on this list is Milani. This budget friendly makeup brand has a gorgeous yet luxurious collection of products.

The foundation goes for 1,400 shillings and is not matte thus perfect for a dewy finish. On the other hand, the lipsticks retail for 1,300 shillings.


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