How to Cover Dark Spots and Acne with Makeup

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How to Cover Dark Spots and Acne with Makeup

We all want our faces to look flawless. That’s the whole point of wearing makeup. But even the best full coverage foundations are sometimes not enough to completely hide dark spots, pimples and acne on your face. All hope is not lost though. Follow these tips on how to cover up dark spots, pimple and acne with makeup and thank me later:

STEP 1: Prime Your Skin

Using a primer is a must because not only does it help your makeup last longer, it helps to even out and prepare your face for makeup.

A primer will seal in the moisturiser and allow a smooth surface. Primers that have a tacky texture when applied are great for long-lasting makeup as they give your foundation something to cling on to.

STEP 2: Colour Correct

Colour correcting is the most important step of covering up dark spots and acne with makeup. Colour correctors come in a rainbow of shade offerings. There’s green, lavender, peach, orange, yellow, red, and pink. Each shade is designed to cancel out a very specific skin imperfection.

For darker skin tones, peach, orange, and red work best because these shades neutralize purple and dark brown discolouration that women of colour experience.

Dab some colour corrector on the problem areas and blend using a beauty blender or a small brush using soft motions.

STEP 3: Apply Foundation

Once you’ve covered your dark spots with colour-correcting concealer, reach for a full coverage foundation and apply it with a makeup blender. Use the bouncing and blending technique to spread it onto your skin. Make sure to be gentle when applying foundation over your colour corrector so that you don’t disrupt it.

STEP 4: Reach For Concealer

After foundation use concealer to cover up the dark circles under the eyes. And if you can still see some dark spots visible under your makeup (highly unlikely) use concealer between your brows, down the bridge of your nose, and on the middle of your chin. This technique can help instantly brighten your complexion while sculpting your face, ensuring that all eyes will be on your best features.

STEP 5: Finish With Face Powder

After the concealer, apply either a pressed powder or loose powder to ensure your products stay in place all day. Ensure to use a fluffy makeup brush to apply your makeup.

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