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Timeless Wardrobe Classics That Never Go Out of Style

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Timeless Wardrobe Classics That Never Go Out of Style

In a world where trends come and go, it can be hard trying to keep up with them. Additionally, it can be challenging to find something invest-worthy that you can wear over and over again without it getting out of fashion. Even though fashion is obsessed with newness, it also frequently circles back to some old but timeless styles. And that is why I have made a list for all you fashionistas of timeless wardrobe classics that will stand the test of time. With these wardrobe items, you can safely invest in them and make them a lasting part of your wardrobe.

LBD (Little Black Dress)

Not only is this a must-have dress for every woman, but it is one of the timeless wardrobe classics worth investing in. Its versatility is what makes this fashion staple timeless in the wardrobe. Whether you need to look polished for the office, flirty for girl’s night out or sexy for date night, the LBD has you covered on all fronts.


Long gone are the days when blazers were strictly thought to be for those relegated to the office. In fact, now blazers are worn by women of all ages. The great thing about the blazer is the sheer numbers of options it provides. You can wear it in so many different ways: for a work event, a girls night out, a weekend look and so much more depending on what you wear it with.

It can be worn with a wide variety of other clothes: over a blouse, with a pair of jeans, you name it! Blazers come in a wide range of styles. You can achieve an elegant look with matching trousers and heels, go for a casual style with jeans and sneakers, get a boyish vibe with baggy jeans, and much more.


This wardrobe essential is surely the hardest worker in your wardrobe. No matter what new trends are introduced on the runway, denim never ever goes out of style. Denim trousers, jackets and skirts are here to stay.

Denim is the easiest thing to wear for an easy casual look and still look fashionable. All you have to do is be keen on how you pair with other pieces.

A white tee

The plain white t-shirt, in my opinion, is another one of the timeless wardrobe classics that every girl must have in her closet. The outfit possibilities with this piece are endless, from laid back to dressed up. You can style a white t-shirt with just about anything for an instantly pulled-together look.

Whether layered under a lace top, combined with a blazer, or even with a pair of jeans or a skirt, this indispensable piece of clothing is compatible with literally anything. Have it fitted or loose and flowy, it’s up to you. You’ll be surprised how much wear you get out of this simple item.

Trench Coat

This is a must-have item especially when the temperature drops and all you need is to stay warm. Aside from its functionality, trench coats look good on pretty much everyone and are great to combine.

The different looks you can achieve with a single trench coat are endless. Throw a trench over a t-shirt and jeans or a cute dress. Wear it open or buttoned up. Match them with sneakers or heels. It literally goes with just about everything in your closet.

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