Should You Apply Sunscreen Everyday?

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Exposure to sunlight is important, every single day. It strengthens bones, uplifts your mood, wards off depressing and even helps regulate blood pressure. The good thing about about sunlight and Vitamin D is that it can be enjoyed even during those cold winter days. Despite all these benefits of sunlight, it is not news that exposure to sunlight can increase the risk of skin cancer as well as accelerate aging. These harmful ultra-violet rays are abundant in every season so you might ask, should you apply sunscreen everyday?

The answer is YES. The reason is because whenever you are outside, you are exposed to UV rays and since those rays penetrate even in the cloudiest of days, it is important to love and protect your skin at all times.

To reduce the chances of skin cancer and hastened skin aging, you need to find a way to incorporate SPF sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. An easy way is to add sun screen in a product that you already use such as a moisturizer so that you do not add another step in your morning routine, especially if you are behind on time.

Most people only use sunscreen during the hotter months or when they are headed for the beach. Sunscreen should, however, be used be people of all skin colours and tones. The use of sunscreen also dates back to ancient Egypt where rice bran and jasmine were used. In 1936, the first commercial sunscreen was invented by scientists and improvements have continued to be made to it. Today, modern sunscreens are water resistant and can be found in cosmetic and beauty products such as primers, foundations, cream and serums.

So whether you are going to the office or running some errands at the food market, it is important to apply sunscreen everyday. You will get to kill multiple birds with one stone – Prevent sun burns, slow skin aging and reduce the risk of getting skin cancer.

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