Tips To Get A Snatched Waist

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How do I get a flat tummy? That is probably what every woman thinks when they are looking to lose weight. Also, it is a fact that losing belly fat is the hardest yet it is where fat accumulates fastest. Another hard truth is that there is no way our bodies can burn fat in one part of the body and spare the other. It is full body or nothing. Of course you can focus your workout on the parts you want to shed the most. There is no short cut – I hate to burst your bubble but popping a weight loss pill will not be your answer to a flat tummy. So how badly do you want that flat tummy? Here are some tips to get a snatched waist.

  • Go to bed early

Are you one to stay up till late, binging on your favorite movie and getting 3 snacks or even a whole meal in the middle of the night? Avoid this by going to bed early. Midnight snacks and meals do not do any good to your body’s metabolism making it hard to lose weight and get a snatched waist.

  • Do no skip meals

Contrary to popular opinion that you need to starve yourself to lose weight and get that coveted flat tummy, you do not need to skip meals to get that snatched waist.

Eat three to four meals per day. Never skip breakfast and also ensure that your meals are healthy and with the right calories for your body needs and BMI.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Increase your water intake. I have already talked about the relationship between water and weight loss and you can read about it here. Also, if you get bored with water and cannot get to take in the required amount of daily water intake, use these tips to get to drink more water.

  • Drink some coffee

The caffeine in coffee is a natural and mild diuretic that helps you eliminate excess water from your body. When your gut keep going, you are de-puffed and this helps to get to that flatter tummy.

  • Snack healthy

Snack on nuts, apples and water. Research has shown that snacking on nuts helps to reduce your waist circumference. Also, it helps you stay fuller for longer which helps with portion control and binge eating. Make the nuts unsalted to avoid the puff caused by sodium.

  • Get Moving

Whether it is walking or some light exercises, just get moving. Whatever it is, burn some calories with some brisk walking, a cardio, mild strength training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

  • Cut carbs after 3 pm

If you can, cut our or reduce carbs from your diet after three pm. Make your dinner full of vegetables and proteins. Dinner options can be:

  • Cabbage + Green grams
  • Spinach + Kales
  • Kienyeji vegetables + Beef
  • Broccoli + Fish

Make them simple and easily accessible. Do not forget your water intake.

There are a lot of ways to get that snatched waist. You need to be patient, take a day at a time and no matter what, do not stop. It will take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Keep working towards that snatched waist.

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