The Right Way To Wear Heels

Right way to wear heels

Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world. These were the words of an icon – Marilyn Monroe. I am almost certain that the shoes she was referring to were heels. Well, not to say that girls that do not wear heels will not conquer the world. I mean look at our girls in boots in the battle fields killing it! This does not, however, mean that just because you cannot wear heels, it is game over for you. It is a skill that can be learned just like any other skill. In this article, I have penned down tips on the right way to wear heels to help you walk in them with ease and grace. Let’s jump into it.

Walk Heel-To-Toe and Not Toe-To-Heel

When learning to wear heels, the walking technique is not like when walking in flats. You cannot stop like a horse foot or tip-toe. All movement has to be from heel to toe. Let the heel meet the ground before the toe does. This will make your walk more naturel.

Reduce the size of your stride

Heels make your stride shorter and this means that you will have to take shorter but more strides. Avoid taking the usual longer strides. Not to say your stride has to be reduced to baby steps though. They are not too short.

Slow down

Wanna look like an amateur in heels? Walk quickly. Between the shortened strides and struggling with balance, walking quickly will only make it harder to learn the right way to wear heels. Walking slowly also helps you radiate an aura of confidence.

Also, walking faster makes you incline your neck forward. It is your body’s way of compensating and you end up looking strange. To avoid this, lean backwards slightly and do not walk faster than your heel can allow.

Get the right fitting heels

Naturally, if your shoes are ill-fitting, your walking will be laboured – even if the shoe is flat. So when it is a heel and does not fit well, your walking will be made even harder. When getting heels, make sure that it fits you well – not too tight and not too lose. If your heel happens to be a size bigger, use inner soles or shoe pads and if it is tight-fitting, get them expanded at your local cobbler.

Heels are here to stay. They are not going out of time anytime soon so I suggest you get yourself some staples. Now sure where to start with that, get in touch with us today by calling 0715 315 960 or email us at

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