How to Make Your Makeup to Last All Day

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Make Your Makeup to Last All Day

Nothing looks tackier and gross than makeup melting and smudging halfway through the day. It could be your foundation melting, your eyeliner smudging or your lipstick coming off. And even though you probably use all matte makeup products, you always end up looking like you’ve been hit by a truck. All these things can be quite embarrassing especially when your day involves meeting lots of people. So what does it really take to make your makeup last all day long? Here are some essential tips and tricks you can use to get you through the day. You’ll thank me for this!

Prep your skin

No matter what measures you take to prolong the wear of your makeup, if your skin isn’t prepped properly with skincare, your makeup won’t look smooth or last long. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly.

Exfoliating will help it be fresh and clean. It also stops your makeup from flaking off with any residual dead skin cells.

Hydrating your skin will give your makeup a clean base to cling to and will also help to avoid fine lines and creases that peek through as the day goes on.

Use Primer

Primer is an important step to making your makeup last all day. And in this case, you should use primer on both your face and eyelids.

A primer will seal in the moisturiser and allow a smooth surface. Primers that have a tacky texture when applied are great for long-lasting makeup as they give your foundation something to cling on to.

Priming your eyelids (yes, your eyelids) will also mean your eyeshadow will last longer and won’t crease.

Use an oil-free foundation

If you have oily or combination skin, always opt for matte foundations. This is because during the day, your skin produces oil on its own and if you are wearing an oily foundation, the makeup will end up sliding out of place.

 On the other hand, if you have dryer skin types, make sure you moisturize well before using an oil-free foundation.

Set with a powder

Another key ingredient in long-lasting makeup is setting it with a powder. This will stop your liquid products from moving around and sliding off your face! It also allows for a little more coverage if that is the look you like.

Long-lasting makeup is one of the reasons why people choose to “bake”. This is where you apply translucent setting powder under your eyes, on your forehead, nose and chin to ensure that your makeup doesn’t move throughout the day or oxidise. It also stops your makeup from creasing and prevents the appearance of fine lines.

Setting any cream products with a counterpart powder is the best way to ensure your makeup will last all day.

Use waterproof products

Always wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner to make your makeup last all day. Mascaras and eyeliners tend to smudge under the eyes after excessive wear and especially if you use eye cream. Try a waterproof formula so that you don’t get the ‘raccoon effect’ after a few hours.

Less product is more

You may not think it’s true, but less is more. Perhaps you though have thought that the more makeup you put on, the longer it will last. This isn’t the case.

Applying your makeup in light layers will actually allow it to last longer throughout the day. Plus, it will leave a more natural-looking finish.

Use setting spray

Obviously, you want to get your hands on a good setting spray that will not only make your makeup look flawless but keep it in place.

When applying the setting spray, just use a couple of spritzes and let it dry. Don’t touch your face while it’s wet (or any time for that matter).

Layer your lip products

This is personally one of my favourite tips for long-lasting makeup!

It’s definitely tricky to make lip products last. You almost always have to reapply in order to keep makeup looking seamless all day long.

A fun little tip to extend the life of your lip products is to use your lip liner underneath the lipstick. This adds a second layer to lip makeup and will allow a second line of defence. However, when it comes to lip gloss, you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and reapply that stuff. There is no magic cure for disappearing lip gloss… yet.

Blot, don’t reapply

As a handy and helpful life tip, try not to reapply powder foundation throughout the day.

Yes, I know this can be tempting but you’re way better off using blotting paper. Why? Not only can a lot of powder look significantly cakey but the powder can sometimes take off the powder already on your face.

So, you are better off reaching for the blotting paper rather than caking on more makeup. Remember, less is more.

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