Reminiscing The Past

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Reminiscing the past

It is Thursday and anything that happened from yesterday back is now a throwback. Social media is abuzz with the hashtag #TBT to stand for throw back Thursday and there is a reason why reminiscing the past is a good thing to do. It goes without saying that some things from the past need to be put in the rear view mirror because they were hurtful or worse still, we regret them. For me, however, I say it is the past that made us who we are today. It has prepared us for what we are facing now and what we are yet to tackle in the future. Here are some of the reasons why reminiscing the past is important for me.

Instills a Heart Of Gratitude

Going over our family photographs from when my parents were growing up then to where they started their own family and I cannot help but be teary eyed. I can see what life was for them and the adversities they had to endure, rise above them and be who they later became. They raised strong and amazing children and that in itself is one of the biggest achievements for any parent. In reminiscing my parents’ past, I cannot stop thanking God for how far we have all come. I am grateful and full of gratitude.

Helps Me See How Far We Have Come

Remembering how most of our parents went to school bare foot, some not being able to get an education because it was not thought to be important especially to the girl child, others dying in the hands of crude female genital mutilators, those that were married off at a young age, the young boys that were made child soldiers and died in the battle fields for causes they had no idea of to diseases wiping out generations because medicine was unheard of. We have all come from so far and we can only do better. Reminiscing the past helps us change our perspective on many things.

Motivation to do better

The past acts as fuel for a better tomorrow. You will let it sink that you have come from so far and that is just the beginning. In overcoming what life has thrown at us, we are living proof that nothing brought your way is too hot to handle. You can do this. You have done it before and the next time it presents itself, it will be a walkover. Proclaim it and do it.

I love the past but I do not live in the past. Bask in those memories and let them catapult you to greater heights. Your past does not define you.

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