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Which Bra Type To Wear Under Different Types of Dresses

By August 26, 2020January 15th, 20212 Comments

Choosing the right type of bra to wear under what you’re wearing can either make or break your whole outfit. Nothing looks tackier than visible bra straps or a woman who keeps adjusting her bra now on then. Thankfully for so women out there, the undergarments industry has really evolved and now, there are so many types of bras one can choose from. Having a variety of bra styles means you can dress your chest for the occasion — even if that occasion is lounging around the house.

The Off-The-Shoulder

The obvious choice for wearing an off-shoulder dress would be the strapless bra. Most of us have been aware of strapless bras for as long as we’ve been aware of training ones. But the one negative side-effect of this option is that it oftentimes has a habit to slide down. And to be honest it’s never fun to spend a good portion of your day hitching up your brasier like it’s a baggy pair of pants.

So if you have a hard time wearing the strapless bra, you can always opt for a bandeau bra. This bra gives a more natural, less cleavage-accented. Instead of lifting, it generally straps your breasts down, giving you the kind of coverage a tank top typically would.

Bareback Dress

Bareback dresses are absolutely gorgeous and are meant to show off your back. Wearing a bra that shows the straps will obviously look tacky and messy.

For this kind of dress, your best option would be the adhesive push-up foam. This bra accessory only covers the front part of your breasts, connects at the centre and leaves your back bare. Sounds perfect, right?

Plunging neckline dress

Also known as the deep V dress, the plunging neckline dress shows off your bust and requires much more than a push-up bra to pull off.

For this type of dress, the best option would be the adhesive stick bras. This type of bra comes in two and unattached so that you tape each breast with its own tape. So when you wear a low plunging dress, you don’t have an awkward space showing your bra in the middle.

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  • Njeri says:

    A sports bra also good for a gym session. Some women wear the normal normal which tends to be too tight for exercise. Thank you for the information. I have learned about the bandeau bra.

  • Linda Agesa says:

    This info needs to be spread louder as in most cases girls are not receiving such guidance from mothers and their guardians for one reason or another. This is good work Cathy!

    I’ve also seen a lot of women use boob tape in place of bras to cover and hold the breasts in place especially when dressing in ‘risky’, rather ‘showy’ dresses.

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