Should You Have A Checklist For Your Perfect Man?

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Checklist for your perfect man

Where are my single ladies at? How is the “search” going? Has the society changed and now it is okay for the ladies to do the “looking”? I have heard a thing about shooting your shot; that is is okay to give him some hints here and there if you are feeling his vibes and would like for him to pick the cues then do the pursuing. I have head stories of women that made the first move and as they say, the rest is history. For some women however, there have been those blonde moments where the man just could not read the signs that you actually like him – he just thought you are being overly friendly and nothing more. Total exasperation. So ladies, do you have a checklist for your perfect man? The man of your dreams?

Why NOT?

Everyone has a type for sure. You like hot, she likes average. She is into heavily built guys while another one is into skinny lads. I mean, we all have different tastes and preferences. There is just that person that is candy to your eyes and you should definitely be clear about that because you should not settle for whoever comes your way.

What are you looking for in a partner? An emotional connection, financial advisor, a good driver, a protector or provider? What must he look like? Be conscious about all these things. Let your subconscious recognize them as well.

What are you bringing to the table?

As you note down what your “perfect” man should check on the list, be sure to have a counter checklist for yourself. How will you be of importance to your future partner? Many times, we have an endless list on what we want in our partners but are not offering the same to them.


Do not have an idea of a partner that does not exist. Just because you see some online couples setting standards and living large does not mean your partner should afford you the same. Some checklists are just outright insane and it is clear that some people have an idea of a person that does not exist.

Focus on the person’s values and virtues. Such things as honesty, kindness, humility among other commendable values are hard to come by these days. Anchoring your checklist on these will ensure you get a man or partner that is humane and love you for who you are and not a blackmail because of what they can afford.

What unspoken values should your partner have? What is on top of your checklist for your perfect partner?

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