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Times have changed and contrary to the notion that suits are only for the workplace, suits can today be worn casually. A good suit is a an important investment piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It should be well fittet and also in the right colours. I am a big fan on colour black but suits have made me want to try out bold and adventurous prints and colours. Here are some suits I am absolutely loving but first, a few tips for choosing the best suit.

  • Go for a flattering style

If the suit does not fit you well, you will not look good no matter how much you spent on it. If it is a skirt suit, ensure it is well fitted and with the right length. If it a pant suit, ensure it does not bulge at the fly or its too tight the blazer button could pop anytime. Skirt suits are also more dressier than pant suits.

  • Pick a pant suit

Do you want to look professional and stylish at the same time, go for a pantsuit. Also, it is easier to dress it down for a casual setting as compared to dressing down a skirt suit. Pant suits are versatile and the separates can be styled differently for different occasions and weathers.

  • Choose the appropriate fabric

Do you like the feel of silk? Are you more inclined to cotton? Like vintage and would like to try a tweed suit? Whatever it is, go for the right fabric. Tweed for instance is heavier and would be appropriate for colder months while silk is lighter and would best fit a sunny or warm day.

  • Get a great fit

I have said this before and I will say it again – get a suit that fits you well. It is the only way it will be flattering on your body. The suits I am loving have a great fit, have different feels and there are a lot more that I would like to try out.

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