Home Workout Routines To Try

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It has been said that no one is coming out of quarantine safe as there are three things involved – you’ll either get pregnant, add weight or be an alcoholic. I do not agree with these as there are other ways to come out of quarantine better. I am all for working on oneself; whether it is taking some online classes or working out and heating clean to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By now, you must have figured that I have not always been fit. There was a time I was a whooping 96 kilograms and I knew something had to give. I started my weight loss journey and I have never looked back. I am grateful that I have been able to lose 36 kilograms and also managed to keep it at bay. Truth is, somedays I do struggle. Eating lean is not easy and with a crazy and busy schedule like mine, sometimes you just want to go to a fast food restaurant order some fried chicken and just enjoy it. Before you know it, a few kilograms are added on and you know it is time to get moving. Here are some home workout routines you should try.

  • Skipping Rope

Do a jump rope challenge. It is a perfect warm up and cool down exercise. It is also a great way to get that cardio in. The only equipment you need is your rope and you are good to go. You can also get a rope that helps you count your jumps so that you do not have to count in your head.

  • Ab and Core Exercises

Most women struggle with belly fat yet it is a fact that it is the hardest fat to lose. Let it be known too that when trying to lose belly fat, you will also lose fat/weight in other parts of your body such as your arms.

There are unlimited ab and core workout – crunches, planks, flutter kicks, Russian twist, knee tucks, leg raises, oblique crunch among others.

Go online and get a routine that works best for you.

Such influencers as Chloe Ting, Fitness Blender and Brittne Babe have great home workout challenges and exercises to help you get started at home.

  • Zumba

Dance the fat away in you living room. You can get the entire family involved and make it a great way to bond. Zumba is great to get your heart rate up, get in some cardio as well as weight training.

Always remember that abs or great bodies are made in the kitchen and as you do these home workouts, eat healthy, cut out carbs and refined sugars, snack healthy and increase your water intake.

Which home workout routines have you tries? What worked and what did not?

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