How To Wear The Camo Style

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The camouflage print is there of one reason – to blend in but designers have taken this seemingly silent print that did not want to be noticed and turned it into a head turner. It should be noted that there was a time that it was illegal for civilians to rock the camo style because it was synonymous with the armed forces. This has, however, changed and has been embraced into different kinds of street styles. Below are ways that you can wear the camo style for both men and women.

  • The Shirt Jacket

This is a great layering piece. It is best layered on form fitting clothes to create the oversized silhouette.

  • Camo Pants

Camo pants are versatile and can be styled with heels, sneakers or boots. It is hard to go wrong with camo pants. Remember to pair it with a black or white tank top or t-shirt. It can also be worn through all the seasons.

  • Camo fitted shirt

Not feeling the over sized look? You can still rock the camo style with a fitted, muscle hugging shirt.

  • Camo dress

Who said camo should all be musculine? Get a nice camo shirt dress and pair it with heels, sneakers and layer it with a denim jacket or bomber jacket.

  • Twinning Camo

Get matching camo style for the entire family and twin during a photo shoot or family outing.

These are just some of the way on how to wear the camo style. Be advised that camo comes in different shades. Find a shade and fitting that best matches with your undertone.

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