Why Men are Intimidated by Alpha Females

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Men are Intimidated by Alpha Females

More often than not most Alpha females have a harder time finding love in the current society. Why? Because on the surface, most of these women admit to not needing men in their lives. However, are Alpha females really independent or is it that men are just intimidated by them?

The fact is, it takes a strong man to date an Alpha woman. Although most men won’t admit it, they’ve feared Alphas since forever because Alphas are independent and they know what they want.

These are some of the reasons men are intimidated by Alpha Females:

We live in a sexist society

Much as we hate to admit it, society and our cultures are still very much sexist. Our cultures say that a woman has to be submissive, not talk back to a man and let the man lead. Not in an alpha females world! These women believe that they are equal to men and can do anything they want. This can be very intimidating for men who have been brought up being told that women are less than men.

They challenge them

Even though women have made huge progress from being dominated by men into being equal to them, most men still see women as less worthy.

So when a woman challenges them, they feel uncomfortable with the idea that a woman might be better than them. And that’s why most of them are intimidated by strong challenging women—because they are afraid they might lose their ‘macho-provider’ attitude.

They are not afraid to speak their minds

Never will an Alpha female keep her mouth shut if she’s got something to say. These men who are intimidated by Alphas think that women should be quiet, soft-spoken and subordinate to their men. I’m sorry if some of the men may find this offensive, but this is usually true.

Women who have this kind of strength and independence intimidate them. Men are threatened by their strength.

They don’t take sh*t from anybody

Alpha females can’t stand to be fooled by anyone and this even applies in their relationships. For most of these women, they are the three strikes and you’re out kind of people. They of course understand that people make mistakes but they are quick to realize when some men are just playing games.

Alphas demand respect and men who aren’t comfortable with that will label them as bitches because they are afraid of them. They are afraid of the ‘you-can’t-touch-me’ attitude.

These men are insecure

If a man is intimidated by how strong you are, then it means that he is an insecure man. Insecure men depend on being able to have some power over others and that includes the woman in his life. So when an insecure man starts dating an Alpha female, his manhood feels threatened. He tries to tame an alpha but all his efforts go to waste. In the end, he walks out of the relationship to save his ego.

She may be earning more than you

Nothing scares an insecure man more than a woman who earns a lot more money than him. For most alpha females, they usually have made it in their careers and might be earning a lot of money. In the world we live in and especially our African culture, we believe that in any relationship, the man should be the provider. So when a man comes across a woman who earns more money than him, he’s scared to continue with the relationship.


  • Dorothy says:

    This is role reversal….and is the cause of many societal issues. Emasculation of the man,too much masculine energy from women. We can be pay bills,be independent and all that but that wasn’t Gods intention for Man. The Devil’s sitting somewhere on his chair and laughing at Y’all yet we think we’ve got it together.

  • Kijay says:

    Why does the discussion about Alpha females always have to be about the men who cant handle them? I am an Alpha Female and frankly, I have had more problems with women than men. My daughter is also growing up to be quite opinionated and strong. Because of the way I was misunderstood growing up, I have purposed to handle my daughter differently by showing her the ways in which she can use her strength and leadership ability respectfully and for good. It is not easy…society also has some growing up to do.

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