Short Hairstyles That Are Absolutely Breathtaking

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Does anyone else feel or think that ladies with very short hair are just breathtakingly beautiful? I love long hair but dang I wish I could try some of those haircuts. I recently read some joke that haircuts used to be a hundred bob or less but since women started having their hair shaven professionally, this amount shot to over a thousand bob. Then I thought, we are setting these standards baby. Short-haired girls are head turners. Coupled with a nosering here, some perfectly done make-up there, aah – I am sold. Barbers specializing in cutting and styling women’s hair have also been on the rise and boy, their Instagram pages are lit. Here are some short hairstyles that are absolutely breathtaking.

  • Blondies

They say that blondes have the most fun and whether it is long or short, I agree they do. Just look at these beautiful blonde heads.

  • Lined Black Heads

This one is one of the common styles that ladies that want to have the big chop go for.

  • Purple Head

If you are a fan of colour, then you will love this short hair style. You can experiment with other colours too such as Ciiku’s yellow or Fridah’s orange

  • Bald Head

This style is most synonymous with Amber Rose and she rocks it unapologetically. You should try it out too…

  • White Heads

This style is not only bold but also extremely beautiful. The colour is for anyone that dares to be different.

Which of these hairstyles would you like to try in another life? Any that you have tried? These are just some of the short hairstyles that are absolutely breathtaking.

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