Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

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Relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress

Relaxation techniques are varied bu they are all geared towards helping you slow down, relieves stress and even pain. Relaxation does not always be a getaway or a trip to the beach. Some relaxation techniques to reduce stress can be done in the comfort of your home and you do not have to spend a dime on them. Learning relaxation techniques is easy and the good thing is that they will stay with you and help you tame stress on those tough days. In addition to being cost free, they also pose very little to no risks and can be done anywhere.

Benefits of Relaxation Techniques

  • Slow your heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower fatigue
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Increase blood flow to major muscles
  • Reduce anger and frustrations
  • Improve digestion
  • Maintain blood sugar levels
  • Improve concentration and mood

Types of Relaxation Techniques

Whatever the technique, the goal is to refocus your attention on something and increase the awareness of your body. They should also be practiced regularly for maximum benefits.

Autogenic Relaxation Techniques

These include anything that comes from within you. It is the en-composition of visual imagery and body awareness to reduce stress.

Speak words in your mind that help you release stress. These may include words of affirmation that you are strong, beautiful and that you got the situation under control.

Imagine/visualize a good and relaxed place while closing your eyes. Control your breathing to bring your heart rate down. Be sure to relax your arms or legs.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This relaxation technique to reduce stress focuses on slowly tensing then relaxing different sets of muscles in your body. This helps you be more aware of your physical sensations. You can start with the muscles in your toes then gradually come up to your shoulders and neck.

Tense the muscles for about 5 seconds then relax them for 30 seconds.

Visualization Relaxing Techniques

Form mental images of the life you envision for yourself. Take a trip down the greenery or calming place that you have created in your mind. This will help you be calm as it takes you away from the worries that were hanging heavy on your mind.

Incorporate your other senses of smell, sight, sound and touch. Be present in the moment.

Other Relaxing Techniques

  • Deep breathing
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Music and art therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Meditation

Take charge of your mental but staying away from anything that may pose as a threat to it. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve peace of mind and use these relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.

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