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What To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed by emotions? Here’s what you can do

At times, in the thick of things, life can get overwhelming. Juggling between being a home-maker, a career woman, school in the mix and now the pandemic where it’s chaos through and through, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and on the brink of a mental breakdown. Everyone feels that once in a while. It is okay and humane but you should not let these feelings get the better of you. This is because if not tended to early, feeling overwhelmed and sad for a prolonged period of time may make you slip into depression. The last thing we want during these tough times is jeopardizing your mental health so here are things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed:

A lot of things may cause the feelings of being overwhelmed. They could range from the fear of the unknown, fear of impending danger or failure, inability to be in control (especially if you are a control freak) or wanting to be a “super-human”. All these, coupled with underlying issues of past experiences and trauma as well as going over scenarios where you might fail may cause an individual to be antsy and overwhelmed. The good thing with realizing that you are overwhelmed with emotion is that you are able to turn things around in time before they fly out of hand.

Take an emotional time out

Just STOP. You are not helping yourself by being impatient or pacing up and down. Relax. Take a break. Take time off your work and physically and emotionally uproot yourself from the situation.

Go on a walk. Go to the break room. Do something else other than work or the chores that are making you feel overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath

When you feel like you are losing your sh*t, take long and deep breaths more like when you are meditating. Close your eyes, imagine some peaceful greenery in a far off land and take these long and deep breaths. They will help calm your racing mind.


I know we have talked about tackling your issues as they come but at times, in the midst of the mud and chaos, just close that computer and walk away. When you are feeling like your brain is on fire and it could explode at any time – stop whatever it is that you are doing even for a moment. I understand that there could be deadlines looming but a 10 or 20 minutes breaks won’t hurt you. Remember to protect your mental health at all costs.


I know that this can be a little bit challenging to anyone that is a perfectionist and does not think anyone else can deliver on the same. We all need help and that person you will assign the duty might even do better than you expected. When you are feeling overwhelmed, split up the work whether it is at home or at the office.

Ask your husband to help the kids with their homework while you prepare dinner. If is at work, assign that other employee or intern some work then oversee the same at the end of the day/week just to be sure. It is okay to ask for help. There is no shame in that.

Talk to someone

A problem shared is a problem half solved. Pick up your phone and call your friend. Vent out your frustrations to them. Tell them how you are feeling. You will feel a lot better afterwards. Your significant other could also be your go-to guy for when you feel overwhelmed.

A third party will see where you are coming from and also offer invaluable suggestions as to what you can do. In some instances, you can even figure out by yourself what needs to be done just by voicing out your concerns.


Write something down. Anything. Gratitude, how you are feeling, a verse from the Bible, a quote or what is on your mind. This will help you take your mind off things when you are overwhelmed.

Always remember that we have all been there. It is part of life and it all depends on how you will deal with your emotions. Flash back to a time when things weren’t going well bu you managed to pull through and tell yourself that this, too, shall pass. Also, there is nothing new under the sun, really.

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