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Travel Bags You Should Have

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As a travel lover, I have come to realize that one bag is never enough; not because I over pack but because travels are different and thus the need to have different bags to suit the different needs. Packing for a weekend getaway will not be the same as packing for a road trip or for a short or long course abroad. All these require different bags because what you are going to pack will be different and make the luggage vary in size. Here are some of my favourite travel bags that you should have.

Big Carry-On

Big carry on

If you loathe checking in your bags but are also quite big of a packer, you should definitely have this bag with you. This bag is small enough to be a carry on i.e. you can have it with you on the plane but also big enough that all your stuff fits in it. This way,

Get one that is compartmentalized to help you arrange your things right. Also, go for one with a nylon pocket that you can keep wet or damp clothing in as well as an outer or front pocket that you will keep things that are handy such as your earphones or books.

Crew rolling garment bag

Crew rolling garment bag

I love how this bag looks. It is compact and portable. Some even have traps and you can carry it on your back. You will notice more flight attendants and pilots with this kind of bag and now I know why. In addition to being stylish, it is also durable, gives you value for your money and its capacity is to die for – a whole 95 litres.

This bag is an a-must for short say three day trip.

A back pack

These come in a variety of styles. If you are traveling with your laptop, then this is an essential. It is also where you will put your phone, chargers, travel documents for easy retrieval at the points of entry. A back pack is versatile and comes in handy. It is also comfortable to carry around.

Duffel bag

Yallo Leather Travel Bag

These also come in a variety of sizes but there are those stylish ones from Denri and Yallo Leather that are sizable, durable and very comfortable. The fact that duffel bags so not have a structured form means that they can fit a lot more things than a back pack.

Denri Africa Travel Bag


This is an absolute travel staple that you must have. This is the big suitcase that a whole house can fit in. Lol just kidding. Well, if you know you will be gone for a long time, get this suitcase and stuff in all you need – shoes, clothing, personal effects and toiletries – everything. Also, be careful not to exceed the limit provided by your airline.

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