Are you an Alpha Female?

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Are you an Alpha Female?

Society is creating a new crop of women – Alpha Females. This woman isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. Not only is she strong, but she is also independent. She makes her own money and pays all her bills. Alpha females have the intrinsic traits of being competitive, controlling, and aggressive. They are natural leaders and tend to bring out the best qualities in people around them.

These are just a few traits of an Alpha female. You’re here because you really want to find out if you’re one. And I’ve got just the perfect test for you take. If you tick out most of these traits then you are definitely an Alpha female.

You are highly ambitious

Is there anything you can’t achieve? If you are alpha female, you feel that your ambition is limitless and that the bounds of success do not exist. You work tirelessly for your dreams and aim at crushing all your goals. Alpha females can achieve anything they put their minds on. How incredible!

You’re a natural leader

Be it at work, home or school, you find yourself leading others. In fact, it comes naturally. You don’t even have to be in a position of power. What you say or do is naturally followed and respected by those around you. People even beg you to take the lead because they know that you are a naturally born leader.

You are the decision maker

In almost all of your relationships, be it romantic, friendships, work related or family settings, you are the one who makes all the decisions. Do you find yourself making plans for a trip with your partner, deciding what to make for supper, planning for the finances and organizing for friends hangout? The you most definitely an alpha female.

You don’t put up with terrible people

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t allow disrespectful people into your life? In any form of relationship, do you have the three strikes and you’re out rule? This is a character trait of an alpha woman.

You’ve got your sh*t together

People watching you from a far are constantly in awe of just how you do things without breaking a sweat. Your friends also want to know what your secret is. The truth is, alpha women are just naturally good at what they do.

You’re the glue that holds others together

Are you the life of the party in gatherings? And if you can’t make it for a friend’s night out or hangout, then the plans are off? When you are an Alpha female, your friends don’t hang out without you because they need you in the group to keep the conversation going.

You’re emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is a hyper-awareness of one’s self and when you are tapped into that magical resource, you can make it through anything. Alpha women are not only strong physically and mentally, but they are wise to and tuned into their own emotional intelligence. This might come off as aggressiveness but in actual sense, it is just assertiveness.

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