4 Ways To Style A White Denim Jacket

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How to style a white denim jacket

Happy Tuesday lovelies. Hoping you are all staying safe amid these crazy times. It is the only way we can see the other side of this pandemic. In today’s article, I would like to talk about something not quite popular but extremely stylish – the white denim. It could be a skinny jean, mom jean or a jacket. Any look with a white denim in its ensemble elevates it. A denim jacket, for instance, can dress down a skirt outfit or dress up a some coloured palazzo pants or jeans. In essence, a white denim easily completes a look. Here are 4 ways to style a white denim.

With a Casual Dress

Sunny day outside and you would love to add that extra pop? A white denim is a good element to add to your feminine look that brings in the rugged or tough feel. If you are a fan of juxtaposition, then this should be a staple in your wardrobe. There is just a certain elegance that a casual dress paired with white denim brings out. If you ask me what I would go for between a cardigan and a denim jacket when layering my Saturday dress, I would definitely go for the denim jacket because of the structure it provides.

With Blue Jeans

This is a twist on the denim on denim. We are used to same colour denims but switching them up a little with a white denim jacket makes the separates pop. A blue jeans, floral top and white denim jacket would be my go-to summer evening wear.

The combination of white and blue gives off such a fresh, crisp and clean look. More like the beach meets the ocean – very cool.

You can also be versatile with your shoes for this look. Sandals, flats or slip-ons would be perfect.

Are we feeling this version of denim on denim?

With black pants

Nothing has stood the test of time like the condination of black and white. Get some classy pants or skirt, white or polka dotted top and complete the look with a white denim jacket.

This look is simple but still very sophisticated, an elevation from the light and airy look in our #2 ensemble.

White and black will always be a staple and if you know me well enough, given the chance I would definitely wear black all year round. Breaking an all black outfit with a white denim offers that crisp clean look that we are often chasing.

With Coloured Pants

Love pants that are not blue and black? A white denim jacket’s got you. Loving some palazzos, cigarette, cargos or any other pant that is coloured? Pair that up with a white denim jacket. Grey, pink and even white t-shirst could also go extremely well with white denim jackets.

Always remember to make your outfits fun and a representative of you. White sneakers would do well with a look where a white denim jacket is involved. Your denim can also be rugged, cropped or oversized. It is your look – own it.

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