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Why Owning a Denim Jacket is a Fashion Plus For Men

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Why Owning a Denim Jacket is a Fashion Plus For Men

Denim jackets have always been a hit among both men and women. Its versatility is what has made it a timeless staple and every model and celebrity donning it. Jean jackets exhibit personality and self-expression. It is the perfect topper to any ensemble and oozes effortless style. This classic is a show-stopper for any event and it is for this reason that all men should own one!

From Levis to Gucci, denim jackets for men have always been on the racks. Functional, timeless, attractive. These things are what make the Jean Jacket a classic wardrobe item every man should consider:

All-Season Wear

The jean jacket, especially here in Kenya, can be worn all throughout the year. How? Much like a pair of jeans, a denim jacket is light enough to wear on a warm sunny day but also warm enough to get you through the coolest days on the calendar.

When paired with a basic tee, underneath, men can rock the denim jacket even when it’s hot and not get uncomfortable.

For days when it’s a bit cold, a denim jacket looks incredibly fashionable when layered over a turtle neck or a warm hoodie. Weights can vary, of course, and the addition of lining fabrics such as wool can also make a jean jacket warmer.

It’s low-maintenance

Unlike most fabrics used to make other jackets, denim jackets’ biggest selling point has always been their low-maintenance toughness. This means that you don’t necessarily have to get them specially cleaned.

Assuming that your jacket is 100 per cent cotton denim, it won’t rip easily. You can, therefore, throw them into the washing machine or hand wash them without worrying about wrinkles.

Long lifespan

Because of their toughness, men can wear their denim jackets for a long time without them wearing off. If you buy your jackets from a manufacturer like Levi’s that reinforces stress points with rivets, be sure to have your denim jacket for a very long time!

Additionally, a good fit with no too-tight straining spots ensures both comfort and durability. In general, though, a denim coat is going to be as tough or tougher than similar coats made from a finer weave.

Casual Style

If you want to transform your look to a casual style, just throw on a denim jacket. It’s an excellent casual substitute for a blazer or a sports jacket when you feel that either of those would seem a little too stuffy.

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