Take a Break – You Deserve It

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Why you need to take a break

We all work so hard; be it in school or at work. All for the purposes of making ends meet in the long run and making our futures brighter. We burn the midnight oil and ensure that we get everything done in due time. We go the extra mile to study ahead of the teacher and even give a little something extra to our clients and customers to make sure that they are always coming back for more. But do we ever stop and think that we have only one life to live and that when all this is said done and our bodies are too worn out to carry on, we’ll simply shut down? For this reason therefore, it is important to take a break, breath and enjoy life because there would be no need to work your *ss off, make your bank account fat then die without enjoying the fruits of your labor. Take a break – you deserve it!

Go on vacation, visit new places, take long walks by the beach, go on a road trip, hire a RV and live your life on the go.

These are priceless things that will leave you feeling younger, rejuvenated and ready to even grind harder. They will be your motivation to work harder so you can afford them and even travel the world. I want to do all these things in the near future but for now, I will enjoy the sunsets, barefoot walking on the grass and laugh my heart out, in preparation for the bigger things in my life.

Your body deserves a break. Don’t work it to the brink of falling apart. You deserve to sleep in once in a while or even go to a fancy restaurant and order your favorite meal, even if its once a year. Don’t wait till you have amassed wealth in abundance before you enjoy life because you never know when it will end.

Take your kids to the local park, buy them cotton candy and let them be merry. In short, don’t be so hard on your money because it comes and goes but the memories and experiences last a life time.

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