Building Your Business From the Ground Up

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Building your business

For any venture to thrive, there are a number of things that ought to be done. Just like a baby, it has to be well taken care of, fed, cleaned, put down to nap and ultimately disciplined to ensure that he or she grows into a dependable individual in the future. Building your business from the ground up is a process that requires diligence and sheer sweat and blood.

A business requires diligence and resilience. It is not as easy as many people put it. If you have started many of them and failed then you might feel like you cannot be a successful business owner. This is not true. The many times we have failed have been lessons. It is through these experiences that I have learnt how NOT to do business.

The following are my tenets for building a successful business from scratch

  • One master one servant

Decide what it is you want to get into. Starting ten businesses at a go will not work. Do not gamble with all the choices that you have. Think about something you want to do, conduct extensive research on it and decide it is the one you want to venture into.

Give all your attention on the thing you really want to do and if it doesn’t work, well, you put your all.

  • Be passionate

There is nothing as fulfilling as doing something that you really like. It is less stressful and you will have the energy to make it work. Do you love television? Behind the scenes or on the screen? Then go for it. It will be hard. There will be challenging. But that is what will make the journey worthwhile.

In the end, you will be happy you got into something you really love.

  • Family, friends and business do not mix

Most of my start-ups were eaten to the ground by my friends. It is people that I know that I gave goods on credit and was never paid. Let business be business. Do not pity your family members because the moment they take things on credit, they will not have pity on you as your business crumbles.

Let your policy be: If you cannot pay, you cannot get. Short and clear. No Pay, No Goods!

  • Work hard like your life depends on it, because it does

Nothing comes out of laziness. You have to make the sacrifices, put in the extra hours and always go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. It will be uncomfortable, It will be painful but in the end, all worth it.

In the end, make sure you are positive because your vibe determines your high.

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