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How To Get Your Fro Baby To Be Still When Getting Their Hair Done

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Getting a baby’s afro done

Is hair day “hell” day in your household when children are getting their hair done? A wiggly and uncooperative child can make hair days filled with frustrations and they often end in tears not only for the child but also for the mother. Well, we love our children’s afro hair and we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do to calm them them down for an easy peasy hair day. Here are tips that mothers with toddlers have tried and tested to get their afro babies to be still when getting their hair done.

  • Get them a chair they love

Whether it is at home or at the salon, get a chair that is not only comfortable but also appealing to the child. Have you noticed the ones like cars or airplanes at the barber shop for the boys, well get something that is also interesting for the girls. Pink and purple would be the colours to go for.

  • Put their favourite cartoon or music on

Part of the reason children are restless buring hair making sessions is because they get bored easily. Their attention span is limited. Increase the time they sit still by distracting them with Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, junction Junior, Tom and Jerry or whatever relaxes them. Let their attention shift from their hair to something else.

  • Give them their favourite toy

This is another way of shifting their attention to something else other than their hair being braided. Give them their doll or stuffed animal to hold and play with while seated. This will buy you some time to get their hair done.

  • Start young

As obvious as it may sound, this is actually a very important tip to helping your afro baby learn to sit still as their hair is getting done. Accustom them to this as early as possible.

  • Give them a fun snack

Your child loves pickles? Bring out the full jar on hair day. If sweets are not a part of their diet (which likely aren’t), hair day is when you give them this special treat. This way, your child joins in on looking forward to hair day because they know they are going to have a feast.

  • Handle their hair gently

Get out of the habit of pulling and tugging the baby’s hair roughly. This is the main reason why they dread hair days and cannot seat still. i mean, who wants to feel pain anyway? No one!

Hair days do not have to be hell days

This also causes excessive breakage. Do not do that to your afro baby and do not worry about the hair getting a little rusty in a few weeks. It is better than a receding hairline on a 3 year old’s head.

  • Choose the time wisely

Deciding to do your baby’s hair when they are hungry, tired or sleepy will only escalate their level of fussy. Do it at a time when both of you are fresh, well fed and happy.

What other tips for getting your afro baby’s hair done worked to keep them still? Other mothers would like to know.

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