7 Things You Should Ditch Before The Year Ends

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Things to ditch before the year ends

It is a little over 4 months before the end of 2020. It has been straight up one of the craziest years of our times. Some of us might have met our resolutions while some of us are still struggling. To ensure that we end the year on a high note despite the curve balls thrown at us this year, and start 2021 on the right foot, we have to clip some of those undesirable habits from our lives in order to live happier and fulfilling lives. These are the 7 things to ditch before the year ends.

  1. People Pleasing

The most unhappy people are those who seek to please everyone. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! You cannot please everyone and be happy as well. You are not ice cream. Something has to give. Pleasing people makes our lives miserable. It makes us question our every move and think about what other people think about us. Do you, do what makes you happy and if someone else feels unhappy, then that’s their problem, not yours.

  1. Self doubting

I cannot tell you how many times I have told myself I cannot do it. Even when doing it, I still think I am not doing it in the right way or someone else can do it better. Doubting yourself is an enemy of progress. It makes you feel less of a person and you should let this go. Learn to trust yourself and know that you are good. Fight back those thoughts and keep going. YES YOU CAN!

  1. Negative thinking

What goes on in the inside manifests on the outside. Are you constantly thinking about tragedy, sickness or death? Are you always thinking you will not amount to anything? All these are negative thoughts that make you miserable and cripple you from looking forward to brighter days ahead. You might have been through a lot but your past will never determine your future. Kick off those negative thoughts and face life with a brave face. YOU WILL MAKE IT!

  1. Fear of failure

When you start a business and are constantly thinking: what if I fail? This will lead you to stall and unable to work on your venture. We all fear to fail. Who wants failure? No one but there is no way we can achieve success if we do not give it a shot. Most times, you won’t even fail. That mindset is what will make you fail. The greatest inventions in life were not achieved on first attempt. They were tried and tested many times over. Moreover, it is in failing that life’s lessons are learnt.

  1. Criticizing yourself

I know people who can never say anything good about themselves. You tell them they look good and they respond by saying that they feel ugly. YOU POSSESS WHAT YOU CONFESS. Speak a blessing upon your life. Say something good to yourself everyday despite all the failures. Your motivation should come from within. STOP SELF LOATHING it doesn’t help one bit.

  1. Saying YES when you want to say NO

Always say what you mean and mean what you say. NEVER MINCE YOUR WORDS! Let people know that you are not kidding and they cannot override your decisions or statements. There are people that you will never know whether or not they are serious. Always stand by your words and never bend to the rules just to please anyone.

  1. Procrastination

Not doing does not eliminate the problem, it just adds to it and pushes it forward. Try as much as possible to complete tasks within the stipulated time frame. This means that you have to start early. Do not wait until it is too late and you rush over the task and in the end deliver mediocre results. JUST START!

What is that one thing that you are ditching in 2020? What lessons have you learnt so far and how different would you want you new year to be like? There are a myriad things to ditch before the year ends and more positives to take up.

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