How to Style Leggings|Rihanna Inspired Looks

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We all have a pair of leggings in our wardrobes. Most often than not, a lot of us only wear leggings indoors when doing chores, sleeping or at the gym. I see you smiling. And I totally understand why you haven’t worn your leggings outside of your home. It is for the simple reason that you probably don’t know how to style leggings.

Despite popular opinion, leggings have a place outside the gym and your house. This athleisure trend is seeping into our airport style, weekend wear, and even the workplace! And who better to look for inspiration than Rihanna? Rihanna’s style is fierce! And she doesn’t play by regular fashion rules. 

Here’s how to style your leggings like the fashionista that Rihanna is:

Long tee over leggings

Rihanna has mastered the art of styling tees with leggings. She’s been spotted quite a few times sporting this look and she does it effortlessly!

In both snaps, Rihanna wears a long tee that offers enough coverage for her body because tights don’t offer enough cover, especially at the back. She then completes the look with comfortable sneakers and a baseball cap.

This look is perfect for when you have a day full of errands to run or are hanging out with friends for an outdoorsy activity.

Boots with leggings

Rihanna has also revolutionized how boots can be worn. Just grab any pair of high heeled ankle boots and style them together with your pair of leggings and you’re ready to rock. This outfit can be worn in colder seasons or on a night out with friends for warmth and style.

In the first snap, Rihanna throws on a sporty jacket for extra warmth and funk!

Matching top and leggings

This look will not only have you turning heads, but will make you the trendiest person on the street! In both snaps, Rihanna matches cropped tops with her leggings and finishes off the look with a pair of sneakers.

Not only can this look be rocked at the gym, but it can also be worn out for a fun outdoor activity like hiking and nature trails.

Over-sized hoodie

An over-sized hoodie goes fantastically well when styled with leggings as shown in the snaps by Rihanna. This outfit is perfect for a laid back weekend when you’re going to the mall and even when travelling by plane. All you need is to complete this look with a pair of comfortable sneakers and you’re set to go!

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